Last Minute Club Penguin Igloo Updates Information

With the big igloo updates most likely coming tonight, here are just tidbits given out by Polo Field on Twitter today. The team is definitely going to aim for a launch tonight or early tomorrow morning assuming all goes well by the looks of it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

In addition, earlier today Polo Field and Club Penguin tweeted this sneak peek image. There is also this image and the following video.

Which update are you the most excited for?

6 thoughts on “Last Minute Club Penguin Igloo Updates Information

  1. Finally, I don’t have to have an igloo showing. Now I can be a homeless penguin who forgot to pay his rent and his igloo got foreclosed. And now I don’t have to waste 500 coins on flooring that I can’t save. Thanks Club Penguin (and thanks for foreclosing my igloo :P)

  2. Train, I’ve just noticed a MAJOR bug. I just entered my code from CP Mag to get the Toga and TB item, but the Treasure Book is still the old one! Not the new one! BUG!

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