Club Penguin New Igloo Features Sneak Peek Image

As tweeted by Polo Field, here is a sneak peek image of the new igloo updates that are most likely going to arrive tonight. In the screenshot he is showing off a new igloo background and the igloo liking feature.

25 thoughts on “Club Penguin New Igloo Features Sneak Peek Image

  1. Polo Field replied to me saying it’s a HUGE update and they are going to have to work all night to fix the hiccups

  2. Hey Trainman! Few questions.

    1: Do you like stock the CP Website and polos twitter? xD Because its up within 5 minutes?

    2: How much are you paying for the WordPress hosting? I might want to try it out.


    • The theme is called Magazine, it’s a free WordPress theme. I just then did other miscellaneous things to tweak it to look how it does.

  3. Hey Trainman! I was wondering if you could make me a header like yours above? I am making a CP Site to. But its called If you could I would appreciate it Thanks! :)

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