Shake It Up on Club Penguin Information

Here is a follow up to this post about Shake It Up. Nothing too specific, but worth mentioning.

In all honesty I have no clue what that means. I believe July 19 – August 1st is the length of the 2012 Music Jam, however.

More information:

Also this summer, Club Penguin players will have the chance to make their mark and shake it up when Club Penguin’s annual Music Jam is transformed into the “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam.” Beginning July 19 through August 1, players in the Internet’s #1 virtual world will be invited to chat and dance with customized Rocky and CeCe penguins, and even unlock exclusive dance moves, just like the characters from “Shake It Up.”

17 thoughts on “Shake It Up on Club Penguin Information

  1. It means that Club Penguin will have Shake It Up during Music Jam (and from Saraapril is the next info) we will also unlock EXCLUSIVE dance moves. It could be item dance moves or actual dances you can use (like the sitting and waving in the menu).

  2. The party is supposed to be called ‘Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam’ and Cece and Rocky are supposed to be mascots at the party. This is a total guess and this is ALL I know so far.

  3. Trainman, I think i’s just an opportunity to dance with friends and submit a video to Disney and you could win a prize :3
    And it says it’s also going to be featured in Club Penguin so I guess we are going to just dance with our friends to win a prize :D
    I don’t know though, I’m just giving out a guess!

  4. Nice! Trainman1405 Seems to get all the exclusives before anyone else! Clubpenguin CP is getting tons of exclusives from this site, and in my opinion- Trainman should have at LEAST 4 million hits by now! All his exclusives and hard work must be put further- Please tell people about this site!

  5. That really gets me annoyed with Club Penguin, at least Marvel is awesome, but Shake It Up? Are you kidding me? CP is going to get terrible ratings for this…

  6. no way! cece and rocky will ruin the party i hate that show shake it up is only autotune for fangirls i think cp will change all the music jam and we dont want two lame tv penguin mascots cp is making promotion parties? first marvel and now a lame tv show not going on cp next month ¬¬

  7. That’s why I’ll quit Cp after Marvel Super hero party. Club penguin getting BORING with those “Popular” Disney shows… I want old parties. I may remember my first Party. it was Summer party or was it… “Camping party”? But then I’ve stop playing in January 2010 Because of CP Updates, and came back during Music Jam 2010! That was great time!

    On Russian Language CeCe Is a kind of fly that Lives in Africa and could kill you xD

  8. OH COME ON NOW CLUB PENGUIN!!! really? i mean really, paint by letters is gone and now this?! i might quit cp if club penguin has more parties like this.

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