New Club Penguin Magazine Issue Sneak Peek

As tweeted by Club Penguin Support’s Twitter account earlier today, here is a sneak peek of the sixth issue of Club Penguin’s official magazine. Residents of the United Kingdom can purchase it in stores where it is sold starting tomorrow.

This magazine issue will contain double the usual amount of coins – 3,000 instead of 1,500. The free item will be a Saxophone, which you can see in this post. Like usual it will also come with a code to unlock an item of your choice from the treasure book. You can learn more about this issue and see the highlights of the previous issue, issue 5, in this post.

12 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Magazine Issue Sneak Peek

    • I think next month, in July because i think the Treasure Book updates every 3 months, Series 14 was available in September or October, Series 15 was available in January and Series 16 was available in April, so I think it updates every 3 or 4 months, and the Purple Boom Box, I think it will be available at the next series too, well thats my thought

  1. I bet there will be great exclusives in it! Like Music Jam pictures, can you post tomorrow some pictures of the magazine?, ’cause I’m not from UK and can’t get it :(

  2. train ! look at those 2 female dressed penguins next to the blue colored penguin i think those penguins are Rocky and Ce Ce :D

    • One of the female pengunis were seen in the Yearbook 2010 – 2011, so I don’t think thats Rocky or CeCe, however, the other female penguin i think I saw it in another part but i dont remember where though

    • Oh i think i remember the other penguin! (Not the one i mentioned it was in the yearbook) I think it was available in the June 2011 Penguin Style catalog, or the March 2011 penguin style catalog, or in a penguin style catalog but i dont remember good, i remember it was in a penguin style catalog though…

  3. The treasure book updates next week with the clothing catalog! Every 3 months the treasure book updates.. So the next update will be on October 4th…

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