Dot Has Sent Agents A New Message

Dot has sent us a brief update message.

Herbert didn’t take the bait. The computer we left connected to the EPF mainframe wasn’t tampered with. Herbert could be long gone.

I don’t think he is…

9 thoughts on “Dot Has Sent Agents A New Message

  1. I just think Herbert’s dead. They always say,”Herbert didn’t go to that lets try the same thing in a different place!” Really wait for him to come to you! Sometimes the agents are just idiots.(No offense agents)

    • Yesh xD
      But he`s not dead. Remember that video called “Rock a bye Herbert”? He`s just floating around in his chair somewhere & sleeping. Until his chair will dock to somewhere in Club Penguin. Anyway, Operation: Blackout must be released somewhen, so Herbert must be alive for that.

  2. Trainman you wont belive what i found out!
    i did the field op and i had a bug,it wasnt the original messege!
    I didnt manage to take a picture but i remember it,it was like this:
    Excellent work agent! You carcked the code just in time!
    The messege you cracked was:”klutzy,we are about to dstrike the lighthouse on thursday!”
    Stay sharp and on alert and prepare for counter attack.
    i couldnt see who the person was,i think it was G
    So what do you say??
    (note the messege isnt excatly as it was written)

  3. herbert is floating around in his chair, i think so herbert is floating near to rockhopper island or another island (puffle brown island) so what do you think traiman?

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