Club Penguin Puffle Party 2012 Guide

Club Penguin has released their main March event, the Puffle Party!

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The Polka Dot Puffle Hat can be gotten in the Town, Plaza, or Puffle Show rooms.

At the Puffle Show Room if you click the camera you can get the First Prize Puffle Background.

For St. Patrick’s Day you can get the Big Leprechaun Hat (returned) at the Mine Shack.

At the Ski Lodge you can get the Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat for your Puffle.

There’s also a catalogue/book in the Ski Lodge where members can purchase Puffle Costumes. Each one is 400 coins. (4,000 coins for all 10)


This year all penguins can access the Puffle Show Room.

The Puffle Feeding Room has returned.

Members can access the Night Club Rooftop.

Also for members, at the Ski Lodge you can access the Puffle Play Pen.

Before going you have to pick which of your Puffles to become:

This is the room:

It’s very interactive.

Miscellaneous Things

The Puffle Handler is visiting for the first time! Check out this post to see her background and tracker.

During the 2012 Puffle Party you can earn eight stamps. (to my knowledge)

  • Food Fight – Throw your meal in a place where food is found
  • Party Puffle – Walk your puffle to their party room
  • Puffle Handler – Be in the same room as P.H.
  • Snack Shack – Serve snacks from a booth, using any food emote
  • Snowboarder – Do a snowboard dance at a party
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a room
  • Tree Mob – Get 10 or more friends to dress up as trees
  • Explorer – Visit all the decorated party rooms

You can try finding the Puffle Handler using my Puffle Handler Tracker.

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  1. Yay, St. Patrick’s Day again. I wish they would’ve had a huge one, but it’s acceptable. I remember the last one I was at. Good times, good times.

    • Whoopsie! I accidentally forgot to remove that when copy/pasting my Rockhopper Quest guide and editing it. Thanks.

  2. Typo “At the Ski Lodge you can get the Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat for your penguin.” It is actually for your puffle. :)

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