Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker March 2012

The Puffle Handler has arrived on Club Penguin for the 2012 Puffle Party! If you are lucky enough to meet her you’ll unlock her stamp. If you open up her playercard you’ll also be able to add her and get her background if you haven’t already!

Here is P.H.’s current location:

Puffle Handler Tracker 2012

This is her background:

Tips on finding PH on your own

The Puffle Handler is mainly found in crowded servers, but can and will visit more quiet ones. You have the best chance finding her at Puffle related rooms such as the Pet Shop, Ski Lodge, Puffle Show Area, and Puffle Play Zone.

Embed It On Your Website

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21 thoughts on “Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker March 2012

  1. Hey trainman, if wanna have more chance to meet ph u must have 7 to 8 frienss online that are searching for ph abd i wish i could help with the tracker :) i love it to help penguins .

    Have a puffle-tastic day everyone

  2. There are two places which I know that PH has been there and they are French Yeti and Beanie.However,I believe that is the only server she goes on if she is in the French Servers.For English,go to servers like Crystal etc.

  3. To whoever who did not update the tracker to currently tracking,please update the tracker when the mascot leaves to prevent confusion and lying.

    • I’d add you if I could but my buddy list is at the 500 person limit – I have over 200 friend requests I can’t answer. Sorry!

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