Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2012 Guide

Club Penguin has released their main end of March/beginning of April event, the April Fools Day Party! This is their seventh one. They have done one every year since 2006.

Table of Contents:


At the Town you can get the Blue Propeller Cap, which was first introduced to Club Penguin at the 2007 April Fools Day Party. (my first one!)

You can also get it at the Plaza. This is the second party in a room where Club Penguin has had the free item in more than one room.

Some of the dimensions have a shop in them, as I posted about last night:

This is the catalogue:

The items listed are:

  • Astro Suit (500 coins)
  • Astro Boots (200 coins)
  • Astro Helmet (350 coins)
  • White Cocoa Bunny Ears (250 coins)
  • White Cocoa Bunny Costume (550 coins)
  • Brown Cowboy Hat (250 coins)
  • Lasso (150 coins)
  • Polka-Dot Bandanna (100 coins)
  • Cowboy Outfit (450 coins)
  • Technicolor Fairy Dress (400 coins)
  • The Bubblegum (350 coins)

In the Cream Soda Dimension penguins can get the Box Hat for free.

In the Zany Dimension member penguins can get the Box Costume and Box Shoes. The Box Costume was a prize for last year.

These items, when combined, do a special dance.


Besides the dimensions, the only rooms decorated are the Town, Plaza, and Snow Forts.

At the Box Dimension you can access a total of ten dimensions. Some are members only. Club Penguin also made it so the dimension entrances swirl only when you put your mouse on them. This is good because it eliminates a lot of the lag penguins like me had last year in this room!

Here is the Orange Dimension:

Here is the Fun House Dimension: (formerly the Zany Dimension)

Full Dimension list:

  • Desert Dimension (everyone)
  • Stairs Dimension (everyone)
  • Space Dimension (everyone)
  • Candy Dimension (everyone)
  • Cream Soda Dimension (everyone)
  • A Sily Place (everyone)
  • Doodle Dimension (everyone)
  • Lost Dimension
  • Fun House Dimension (members)
  • Orange Dimension

Miscellaneous Things

The login screen has been slightly updated. It now lists the days left in the party.

Rookie is visiting for the first time! Check out this post to get his background and stamp.

During the 2012 April Fools Day Party you can earn eight stamps. (to my knowledge)

  • Food Fight – Throw your meal in a place where food is found
  • Rookie – Be in the same room as Rookie
  • Snack Shack – Serve snacks from a booth, using any food emote
  • Snowboarder – Do a snowboard dance at a party
  • Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a room
  • Tree Mob – Get 10 or more friends to dress up as trees
  • Explorer – Visit all the decorated party rooms
  • Party Puzzle – Solve a puzzle at a party (thanks Wboys14)

How do you like the party? I think it’s good, but wish the whole island was decorated more.

The following pages have been updated:

22 thoughts on “Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2012 Guide

  1. It’s Awesome, Trainman I Have A Glitch:
    If You’re Rookie’s Friend Click Him On Your Buddie List And Click His Treasure Button; And You Will Get The Free Background Without Meeting Him :)
    Please Give Me “Billy Gizmo” Credit ;P

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  3. This is the lamest party I have ever been to. I mean, common. this is the party were usually every room is decorated. but all we got were tthe town, plaza, and the snow forts. . . . . . really? >: ( : (

    • You should be glad Cp is actually doing
      parties. If you don’t like the party, just don’t participate in it. A party is better than nothing, right?

  4. I like how in the orange dimension if you click on the giant orange puffle you will walk up to him and he eats you.

    • how dare you! this is the best april fools party in cp history and you might have hurt someones feelings *sniff sniff* cp is the only thing that keeps me happy and your not gonna ruin it! *sniff sniff*

    • Yeah the thing is though this party isn’t as good as last year, when there was a bit more to do, and everyone is entitled to their opinions.

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