Club Penguin Magazine Code Item (and commercial)

As I posted yesterday (or today UK time) Club Penguin’s Magazine is now for sale. When they updated last night they also released the new shirt item that is unlockable with a magazine code. This item is called the Club Shirt, or UK Redemption Shirt, which I posted about several weeks back. If you’re curious, here is what this item looks like. It is a blue coloured t-shirt with the Disney Club Penguin logo on it.

How do you like this item?

Another thing I wanted to highlight is Disney is airing a commercial for it in the United Kingdom.

The following page has been updated:

22 thoughts on “Club Penguin Magazine Code Item (and commercial)

  1. Any MORE Ideas Why It Can Be Used Only Once?
    (Even though I Know The Answer)
    {Because We Can Unlock Stuff From The Treasure Codes}

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