Unreleased Item – Treasure Chest Costume

While it’s nothing major, Club Penguin has added one new unreleased item to their files. I believe it is an unlockable item, possibly from a future issue of Club Penguin’s Magazine. It item is called “Treasure Chest Costume”. No picture of it currently exists.

Based on the item’s name we can get at least some sort of idea as to what it looks like. My guess is it will be released sometime within the next month. What do you think?

Update: Club Penguin has included an image of it in their magazine. (Thanks, A11766!)

That’s all for now!

15 thoughts on “Unreleased Item – Treasure Chest Costume

  1. I bought the issue of Club Penguin Magazine, and yes, it comes with the next issue! It is basically a treasure chest, and your penguin’s head comes out the top! Also, here’s a little snippet from the beginning I think you will find interesting ;-)

    You and your puffles are invited to the Puffle Party on Club Penguin. With ice-cream, new games and all-new puffle backgrounds, it’ll be an avalanche of furry fun! Starts: March 2012!

  2. The reason some people got it before it came out is due tot he fact that they are the children of the owners who made the game or related, therefore they get it first before it it even mentioned.

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