Club Penguin Magazine Launched Today!

Hey there British (and Irish!) penguins! Today Club Penguin has launched their official magazine. It costs £2.99. While I don’t have a copy of it myself, I do have some information on it. I might include some pictures on the website later. Anyway, here’s some key information:

  • It will cost £2.99
  • Each issue will have 36 pages
  • A new one will come out every four weeks, or once a month
  • If you complete the puzzles in it you can earn virtual coins
  • Club Penguin Fan Art is in the magazine
  • It’s printed under Panini Magazines
  • Each issue will come with different codes
  • Each issue will have a one week membership code
  • Club Penguin is determining the magazine’s success not by amount purchased, but by codes redeemed

Club Penguin is testing it in the Europe market first. Depending on how it does they might expand it to other countries. I will not be posting any codes on this website, since technically you need to purchase the magazine to obtain them – hence why I don’t list any book codes on this website. It’s more or less stealing.

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