Club Penguin Pufflescape Game & Stamps!

After first being teased in a video by Happy77 in the end of April and open to the general public for beta testing in May, Pufflescape has been released to the general public! It’s located at the Pet Shop, right next to Puffle Launch.

Here’s a complete guide:

Just like in Puffle Launch, you can select which Puffle of yours you would like to use in the game.

This is the main splash screen for Pufflescape:

There is a total of 23 levels. The first 8 (Entrance Levels) are for members and nonmembers. The remaining are members only. They are the Depths and Legend Levels. The final level, level 23, appears to be extra long.

The game is much similar to the version on the Beta Team, but with a much more polished feel. The instructions are simple – use your left and right arrow keys to move the Puffle, use your mouse to move items, and get the key to open the end of the level. Puffle O’s give you extra coins and the Bunch of Puffle O’s unlocks the level in extreme mode. You can also get hints in this game.

This is what the average level looks like:

Whenever you finish a level it will tell you how you did and give you the time it took you.

There are also 11 stamps to go along with this game. This makes the current stamp count 304 stamps.

  • Bonus Snack – Eat a bonus Puffle O
  • On a Roll – Complete level 4
  • Puzzle Pro – Complete level 8
  • Puffle O Feast – Eat all the regular Puffle O’s in one set of levels
  • Bite in Time – Eat a disappearing Puffle O
  • Extreme Puzzler* – Complete level 12
  • Master Roller* – Complete level 17
  • Quick Snack – Eat all the disappearing O’s in one level
  • Fast Food – Eat all disappearing O’s in one set of levels
  • Epic Roller* – Complete level 22
  • Ice Master* – Complete the final level

Related, Club Penguin has added Pufflescape to the map:

They also added a little advertisement on the homepage, which I think is pretty neat!

Overall, this game its lots of fun – it feels more polished and sleek, even better than Club Penguin’s other games. Who knows, maybe one day it will come to iOS and Android? Would you want it to?

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  1. my brother is going on now but i kinda help him so it’s like we are playing at the same time on 1 penguin.
    his name is Pa1005 and he want to be added by u.:P

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    • LOL, I’m stuck on the last level too. Sometime in the near future I’ll film all the levels just like I did for Puffle Launch.

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