List Of Prizes Club Penguin Will Be Adding To The Prize Booth

We all know I love to post exclusives. Based on my post that listed all the Fall Fair Items listed in Club Penguin’s files, I took out what has been released and was left with a few items. I looked deep into the prize booths and got some information on items that will probably be returning, too!

Nonmember Prize Booth:

It’s known there will be two more new items at the nonmember prize booth: The Balloonist and the Sundae Surprise. It seems likely based on what I’ve seen that the Feathered Tiara and Lollipop will be returning. It also seems like at least one of these new items will be hidden…

Member Prize Booth:

At the member prize booth there will be at least three more new items. They are all hand items. They are the Unicycle, the Lemon Balloon, and the Every Flavor Ice Cream. Another wheeler item called the Yellow Wheeler might be added, or it might be in a future catalog. It also seems likely the Clown Costume will be making a return to the prize booth.

Yay! The Every Flavor Ice Cream item seems pretty neat. The prize booths will be updated next Thursday on September 29th.

6 thoughts on “List Of Prizes Club Penguin Will Be Adding To The Prize Booth

  1. Really cool! How do you know they are bringing the clown costume and the lollipop back though? Either way, can’t wait for the lollipop to return.

    Also, I found an item called “On the Edge”.

    I’m not really sure what it could be, although it seems like a fair prize.

  2. Awwh i really wanted a bunny or a turtle :( im very sad but i guess i can just get the lollipop from the prize booth :( i got everything in the nonemember thing -sighs- can you please hide the turtle!??!? i have the teddy please

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