Club Penguin Free Membership Code Contest TODAY

Contest is now over!

As I posted several3 days ago I am having a membership contest. The contest is today. At the given time I will slowly post a the code number by number. Here is the information:

Date: Today (August 27, 2011)
Time: 12:00 Noon PST (3:00 PM Eastern)

If you need a time zone conversion leave a comment below or use the PST clock widget below.

Code: 4597006219864343 (keep refreshing for more)

Thanks to Yeti321 for this code! More contests in the future. :-)

16 thoughts on “Club Penguin Free Membership Code Contest TODAY

  1. THANKS Trainman1405 for telling me was fake :) You are awesome!

    Here is something from me: Go to Test Server, type in Gag and you will find G2G in the Suggested Words :)

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