2006 Parties

Please select which Party/Event you want to see from 2006 below.

Winter Luau 2006

Valentine’s Day Party 2006

Pizza Parlor Opening Party 2006

St. Patrick’s Day Party 2006

April Fools Day Party 2006

Easter Egg Hunt 2006

Cave Opening Party 2006

Summer Party 2006

Western Party 2006

Club Penguin Band Instrument Hunt 2006

Sports Party 2006

Lighthouse Lightbulb Hunt 2006

Lighthouse Grand Opening Party 2006

First Year Anniversary Party 2006

Halloween Party 2006

Lime Green Color Party 2006

Christmas Party 2006

3 thoughts on “2006 Parties

  1. you forgot Rockhoppers first visit!
    It was after the Light house opening and before the 1st year grand opening!
    Rockhopper gave a free eyepatch when you saw him
    I was there!

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