Lime Green Color Party 2006

A few weeks before this party, there was a poll in the newspaper asking what new color the penguins wanted, Lavender or Lime Green. After the votes were counted, it was announced Lime Green had won. There was a small party for members at the Dojo. They got a Lime Green Cape, and early access to the new color. In the December 2006 clothing catalog, nonmembers could buy the color for 20 coins.

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  1. That is a good question the dojo was there before card-jitsu came along but it was sorta a hangout room it was used for some parties. Card-jitsu came out after the avalanche in clubpenguin when there was a unknown man digging the snow off from the roof top. If you came to the event you would get a free pair of sandles in the dojo. (Yes I came to the party)

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