April Fools Day Party 2006

This was Club Penguin’s first April Fools Day Party. The free item was the Red Propellor Cap at the Plaza. This item since then has returned.

8 thoughts on “April Fools Day Party 2006

  1. ┬┐sabias que? en la disco era toda amarilla con un puffle amarillo demes del verde y habian 5 televisores al lado del DJ

      “Did you know? At the nightclub it was all yellow with a yellow puffle instead of green and also, there was 5 TVs right with the DJ table”

      Well i do know to speak spanish but i dont know if that was really true on old cp times or if it was just in the April Fools Party 2006, i believe it was on the April Fools Party 2006 though

      Also, that was what robinchi said.

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