Puffle Rescue

Puffle Rescue was released in spring 2010. One of the levels is for everyone, and the other two are for members. In Summer 2010 this game was updated with stamps you could earn. Below is a video of all three levels in the game.

5 thoughts on “Puffle Rescue

  1. On one of the levels, when you go straight up to the other part of the black Puffle island…u will see a floating bubble shaped like an arrow pointing north.Float over it and swim very fast until you see another arrow shaped bubble pointing a different direction.
    When you mess up don’t try to fix it. You will soon lose air and then you have to start all over but only you won’t see the bubble there anymore. When you are at the end of your last bubble a surprise would be there…(a money bag) and when you collect it, you can just go straight up and then you be right next to tht green island thingy.
    Did you like my cheat trainman?

  2. Oh Train i got a cheat for the mine levels!I discovered it in lev 1. As u see there is an arrow behind u when u start.If u go at the hill after the arrow u wont fall and a gold square will appear under your feet.If u take the right steps in lev 1(2 front, 3 left, 2 front , 3 right and 2 front)U will go to a secret place and u can take a moneybag. Then u step in the moving sand in the front and u will transport in the start.Cool right?If i found another secret place in mine levs i’ll tell u ;)

  3. New mine lev cheat! Level4: U go to the 2nd puffle place and follow after the arrow with the steps 5 right 6 up and 6 left u go to another secret place!Ill told more soon ;)

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