Club Penguin’s 2016 April Fools Day Prank: Club Platypus

For the first time ever on their blog Club Penguin pulled a prank on April Fool’s Day. They announced that the game was going to become Club Platypus. Lol!

This was the post Megg made:

Hi penguins,

Have you ever wanted to be a semi-aquatic Australian mammal? Now you can!

I’d like to welcome you all to:


We have a fantastic new artist who has no ability to draw penguins whatsoever! Could this be the end of Project Super Secret? Fortunately no, because our artist can draw amazing platypuses (platypi?, platypodes?, whatever).

From there, the choice was easy– we didn’t have one!

Don’t worry! This is still the Project Super Secret you’ve been waiting for, with just one difference– no penguins!

Instead, famous penguins like Aunt Arctic will be sporting a new look.


Way to rock the duck bill, AA!

Of course, that’s not the only change. Herbert will be returning as a hamster and Klutzy will be a blowfish.


This seemed like the natural progression of the characters.

How excited are you for Club Platypus? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

Paddle On!

-Club Platypus Team

Klutzy looks scary like that. :P

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