Club Penguin Blog: Featured Outfits for September 2, 2015

Today’s featured outfits video was posted a little bit later than the prior two, but not to worry. Today’s video features fifteen different outfits!

Interested in seeing the video? Click here!

This time a list of all the penguins featured was supplied alongside the video. Here’s the lucky penguins today:

  • Adison50
  • Badduck1
  • Cezara02
  • Charliepup77
  • Cookiecat107
  • Green P 2006
  • Gwyn108
  • Mackenzie 90
  • Marian245
  • Ninja X 868
  • Osopolar200
  • Pepper10023
  • Petlover2530
  • Pickle8686
  • Xqpy

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Featured Outfits for September 2, 2015

  1. Starting today we are getting a notice about adblock when we open one of your pages.
    Is this going to keep happening?
    Our parents do not allow us to disable it.
    Thank you.

    • Just testing things out. :p I have it set so the notice appears once per year, the maximum allowed time frame. (or if you clear browser cookies then it’ll reset and appear once again) Let me know if there’s any issues/annoyances with it as I’m open to feedback.

      • We get a new notice with every click, not just when first opening your site.
        It’s happening on all three computers we use.

        • Are your computers set to clear cookies or not store website cookies? I verified that the setting to prevent the box from appearing on every visited page is enabled, and I only get the box just the once and then it’s gone.

          • ok, I reset the cookies on one of the computers and that seems to have fixed it.
            Cross fingers. If it works I can do it to the other two as well.

            We all love your site!
            Thanks much,

          • If you have any further trouble with it let me know and I’ll consider disabling it. I probably won’t keep it forever anyway. :)

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