Trainman1405 Answers Your Questions For a Fourth Time

Oops. I accidentally procrastinated this a whole seven months. I never meant for that to happen, and it will never happen again. It actually took way less time to do this than I thought it would, I guess I was just overwhelmed by what I thought was a lot of work and ended up being really easy and going by quickly. Anyway, here are the 183 answers to the questions y’all asked me in June last year! Better late than never…right? *nervous laugh*

Sms8 asked: Do you have your own office?
Trainman1405: Nope, I don’t have my own office. Our house has an office room where we keep all of our computers so my desk is in there.

Sms8 asked: How do you like the new penguin beaks (I know this a Club Penguin question but I just felt like asking it)
Trainman1405: Don’t worry, Club Penguin questions are allowed! I think the new look of beaks is fine.

Fred asked: Do you ever feel like you wanna give up? Or some kind of demotivation?
Trainman1405: Of course! After all, I’m only human. Sometimes I do feel like I should just give up on everything.

Sms8 asked: Do you have any plushies other than Club Penguins plushies?
Trainman1405: It’s not necessarily a plushie but I do have a pillow pet that my girlfriend got me last year.

SkyTree asked: Which do you prefer: Night or day?
Trainman1405: Hmm, that’s an interesting question. Both have their pros and cons…I guess night because I feel more motivated then.

Chilly573 asked: What do you think of Saraapril’s constant complaining?
Trainman1405: I think everyone is entitled to have their own opinion even if not many people agree with it. After all, nobody is forcing you to read what she writes. I think it’s good she has continued to write like she loves to do even with all those who try to put her down. Is she really doing anything wrong?

Squidy2008 asked: What’s your backup penguin’s name?
Trainman1405: I don’t really have a backup penguin, although two friends gave me their penguins to keep active once they quit Club Penguin: Pinguiny and Mandy26.

Enb 11 asked: Do you watch any crude humor TV shows like South Park or any of the kind?
Trainman1405: Nope, I’ve never watched any of those shows like South Park unless Bob’s Burgers counts. They don’t really appeal to me otherwise.

Chilly573 asked: If (I mean WHEN) you work for CP, will you give all of your original blog readers your signature blue lei? :P
Trainman1405: If I was allowed to, sure. :p

i’m jojoba (@Jojo28cp) asked: Do you have your own car? and a driver license? if not what car do you want?( i want a suzuki GS 500 motorcycle (my dad have one) and/or An audi r8 or Q7) i like SUV’s and sports cars. and so do you like cats?
Trainman1405: Nope, I don’t have a car or a license. At some point I’ll start driving though. I don’t really have a particular car in mind. I do like cats! Although I am a little allergic to them.

Random asked: Tips on blogging?
Trainman1405: Have fun, be original, and don’t do it just to become famous. Or if you are, don’t expect it to happen overnight.

Spongedude0 asked: When did you start playing Club Penguin and how?
Trainman1405: I joined the game on August 4, 2006. In July 2006 I was at a friend’s house where he was playing it and showed it to me.

Oswald75/Hal1245 asked: What’s your real name?
Trainman1405: My real name is Devin.

Phineas99cp asked: Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Trainman1405: Whoever’s the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on.

Shurow asked: If you multiply pi by 117 and divide by 3 then add 27, what is the answer?
Trainman1405: 139.46, assuming I did it correctly. Math is hard! =P

Snoop500incp asked: What’s your favorite thing to do on Club Penguin? And how do you spend your spare time? :)
Trainman1405: I have a few favourite things to do on Club Penguin: play games, earn stamps, decorate my igloo, and of course hang out with friends. I spend my spare time programming, reading, and watching television.

Jjoeyxx CP asked: Will you marry me :P
Trainman1405: My girlfriend wouldn’t like it if I said yes. :P

Azerty15 asked: Trainman, If YOU would work on the Club Penguin Office Someday and you would be in charge of everything. What would You change or what would you do so Club Penguin is even more Fun? :D
Trainman1405: This is a tough question because in my opinion Club Penguin is great what they’re doing. They listen to the community, have many ideas, etc. Although I would like for things to feel and look a bit more simple sometimes like they used to be. Not everything, just some things. That, and more stage plays and penguin mail postcards would be a nice change.

Lionpolice asked: I’m now 11 years. You even passed through this stage, so, can you tell me how was it that time?
Trainman1405: All of my life I’ve been more of a quiet person, although around the ages of 11 and 12 was the beginning of my teenage social life. I was a bit more chatty, goofy, and started to like girls. I was also new to Club Penguin at the time so I was pretty obsessed with that and the computer as a whole. I also enjoyed reading a lot at this age. Outside of that, things were pretty casual. I played video games on a Nintendo DS and Gamecube, had a friend over or went to a friend’s house sometimes, etc. I didn’t do sports, did well in school, etc. I’m not really sure if this is the type of response you’re looking for but if it is hopefully this does a good job at answering it. :D

Lionpolice asked: Have you ever been bullied? Cause, I’m a little introvert type. So, people always bully me…
Trainman1405: Yes, although I have been fortunate that I was not bullied a lot, I have definitely been bullied from time to time throughout the years. Just stand up for yourself, be strong, and don’t give in to the needs of your bullies. Ignore them and eventually they will go away. It does get better, that I can say for sure.

Lionpolice asked: Do you have your own driving license?
Trainman1405: Nope, I do have a (now expired) driving permit though. I didn’t drive much when I had it and haven’t bothered with renewing it due to my chronic fatigue.

Lionpolice asked: Luckily if you ever join Club Penguin, what would be the first thing you ever do inside the office?
Trainman1405: Give myself the Beta Hat and 1 million coins, duh! :P Nah, I’d probably just walk around to familiarise myself with the building, meet my coworkers, and all that fun stuff.

Lionpolice asked: Do you play with Hot wheels?
Trainman1405: I did when I was younger! Although I do have some Hot Wheels cars on my train layout’s road.

Lionpolice asked: Has public recognized you after revealing your face?
Trainman1405: Nah. I rarely go out in public but even so I doubt any Club Penguin Memories readers live near me. *shrugs*

Santa Jr asked: What is your favorite Sport and, do you have a favorite team in that Sport that you like the most!
Trainman1405: I’m not much of a sports guy but my favourite sport would be train and field, although there aren’t really teams for that as far as I’m aware. If I had to pick a sport with actual teams, though, I would pick baseball and the team would be the New York Yankees.

Icystorm9 asked: What is your favorite sammich?
Trainman1405: Peanut butter and jelly or roast beef.

JakeShow2 asked: Did you know your brother has a youtube account and makes videos?
Trainman1405: Of course. I’ve been in a few of his older videos.

JakeShow2 asked: Who is your favorite club penguin mascot?
Trainman1405: I’m not sure, I like them all lol.

JakeShow2 asked: Why are you so awesome? :P
Trainman1405: I like to think of myself as pretty average. ;-)

JakeShow2 asked: Why do you love trains so much?
Trainman1405: Because trains are awesome! I don’t really know.

JakeShow2 asked: What is your favorite food?
Trainman1405: Pizza or cake. Original, I know. :P

JakeShow2 asked: Who is your favorite CP mod?
Trainman1405: That’s a tough one. Megg’s hip, I’ve known Polo Field for a long time, and Spike Hike is a pretty cool dude too…

Molly73216 asked: Now that you finished high school are you going to accomplish your dream of working at club penguin?
Trainman1405: I sure hope to!

JakeShow2 asked: What is your favorite song?
Trainman1405: Any song by the band Blue October can be considered my favourite song. :}

JakeShow2 asked: What was your first CP party?
Trainman1405: The 2006 Sports Party.

JakeShow2 asked: When do you start college?
Trainman1405: August 2014.

Pinky86352 asked: do you play Minecraft or Roblox?
Trainman1405: Nope, I’ve never played either of them.

Mega7000 asked: So did you one time decide that you didnt want to blog anymore and that you wanted to close your blog?
Trainman1405: Kind of. Back in 2010 I lost interest in Club Penguin for a few months because I was so busy with school and track and field.

Mega7000 asked: So did you one time decide that you didnt want to blog anymore and that you wanted to close your blog?
Trainman1405: See the answer to the question above this one. :)

Tillman asked: How did you find out about Club Penguin when you first joined?
Trainman1405: In July 2006 I was at a friend’s house where he was playing it and showed it to me.

Extreme37387 asked: What made you get the idea to create Club Penguin Memories? Also how do you think Club Penguin Memories got so popular?
Trainman1405: Back in December 2006 I took screenshots of the Christmas Party as memories. I continued to do this and then decided I wanted to create a website to archive them all. From there it expanded into more than just parties, eventually turning into a blog too. I think Club Penguin Memories got so popular from a mixture of my fast posting, website content, and personality.

Private asked: What grade was the hardest in School for you?
Trainman1405: 11th or 12th grade because I wasn’t the best at biology, chemistry, or physics and overall I was quite busy doing school work.

Private asked: What was it like leaving all your friends from real school for homeschool?
Trainman1405: It didn’t bother me much. I tend to be passive about things so I was just like “oh, whatever”.

Private asked: What pets do you have?
Trainman1405: A dog named Ginger. She’s a Sheltie.

Private asked: Can you drive? If you do, what car do you have?
Trainman1405: Nope, I do not drive.

Private asked: What is your favorite thing to do or hobbies? (Other than anything Club Penguin related)
Trainman1405: Reading, programming, model trains, listening to dance music, and watching television.

iSubhi2012 asked: What’s your girlfriend username on Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: Penny44546

Anonymous asked: What do you look like in reality?
Trainman1405: Check out this post for the big face reveal I did when I turned 18. :)

Romie77 asked: Are you planning to go to college or some further education, now that you’ve graduated high school?
Trainman1405: Yup, I’m currently enrolled in college.

Romie77 asked: What do you want to do for your career?
Trainman1405: Computer science is my college major. I enjoy programming.

Romie77 asked: How did you come to love CP so much for such a long time?
Trainman1405: I don’t really know, the game has just stuck with me for such a long time. I enjoy logging on each week to see what’s new and writing about it for you guys and gals to read.

Romie77 asked: When did you start playing CP?
Trainman1405: August 4, 2006 was the day I joined, however I did play on a friend’s penguin once or twice in July 2006.

Landylolo asked: How long have you been on Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: Just about eight and a half years. (and counting!)

Pinguin212 asked: How old are you?
Trainman1405: I’m 19. I turn 20 later this year.

Guinydyl asked: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Are you easy come, easy go? Can you see a little silhouette of man? Would you do the fandango?
Trainman1405: I take it that you’re a fan of Bohemian Rhapsody. ;)

lalala asked: What advice would you give someone for wanting to start a blog? (a blog that isn’t related to cp or one that is) thanks.
Trainman1405: Be original with your work and stick to it, as the hard work will eventually pay off.

Dragosv224 asked: Mac or PC? Apple or Pie? Why?
Trainman1405: Mac because I like the simplicity and features it has compared to Windows. I like pie more because it’s tasty.

Kingkong06 asked: Have you ever been forced by Graser to play Minecraft? :P Do you like what he does? (Play and Upload)
Trainman1405: Nah, luckily I haven’t lol. I do like what he does, I think it’s great he does it.

miner123341 asked: Have you ever played games on Steam? (Team Fortress 2, Portal 2, Garry’s Mod, etc)
Trainman1405: I do! I have a Steam library filled with a few hundred games I’ve accumulated over time.

Megg12345 asked: Is it cool being friends with your sibling on cp? Do you like your family? Will you make more videos on your youtube channel?
Trainman1405: Yup! Of course! And I’d like to this year.

Ultimate64 asked: What Club Penguin Party would you like to see in the future?
Trainman1405: I would like to see another Winter Fiesta, that party was a lot of fun.

Ultimate64 asked: What is your favorite party of 2014 so far? [this question was from June]
Trainman1405: The Muppets Takeover.

Ultimate64 asked: Have you ever played Minecraft?
Trainman1405: When you submitted this question the answer was no, however I did play it once in July.

Ultimate64 asked: Whats your favorite Club Penguin room music?
Trainman1405: I don’t really have a favourite one, I prefer muting the music since I tend to have music playing on iTunes.

Ultimate64 asked: Who’s your favorite mascot?
Trainman1405: Rockhopper.

Ultimate64 asked: Which mascot do you dislike the most?
Trainman1405: I’d say PH.

Ultimate64 asked: What was your first ever item in Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: I believe it was the island background. Or whatever colour I picked when I joined.

Ultimate64 asked: How many stamps do you have?
Trainman1405: 213/352.

Ultimate64 asked: Which stamp took the longest to get?
Trainman1405: I don’t really know, all the stamps I’ve gotten are the easier ones, haha.

Ultimate64 asked: Which real life event is your favorite? (April Fools, Halloween, Christmas
Trainman1405: Halloween for sure.

Ultimate64 asked: What’s your least favorite party of 2014 so far? [Again, this question was from June]
Trainman1405: The Future Party. I didn’t really dig it.

Trainman1405: It’s our secret code that nobody can read!

Ultimate64 asked: Would you like to have your penguin drawn like the penguins in the Penguin Style?
Trainman1405: That’d be cool!

Ultimate64 asked: Which room would you like to see as a permanent room in CP? (the parts in brackets are the parties the rooms came from)
A: Train Station (Holiday Party 2013)
B: Hospital (Operation Blackout)
C: Haunted Mansion (Halloween Party 2012)
Trainman1405: I think the Haunted Mansion would be the coolest one.

Ultimate64 asked: What’s better: Medieval Party or Music Jam?
Trainman1405: The Medieval Party…but only if it has the quests.

Ultimate64 asked: Which of these songs is your favorite?
a. The Party Starts Now
b. Anchors Aweigh
c. Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
d. Herbert Style
e. Cool in the Cold
Trainman1405: I’d say it’s a tie between Ghosts Just Wanna Dance and Cool in the Cold.

Ultimate64 asked: What’s your favorite color of the alphabet? :D
Trainman1405: Potato!

Ultimate64 asked: Robot or penguin?
Trainman1405: Penguin.

Ultimate64 asked: Can you translate this from French to English?
Vous avez réussi à traduire ce, bien fait! Avez-vous réussi à répondre à toutes mes questions?
Trainman1405: Je peux traduire… mais seulement avec un traducteur. :p

Ultimate64 asked: Did you know that this question has never been answered?
Trainman1405: Now it has!

Ultimate64 asked: Who do you think will win the World Cup?
Trainman1405: I didn’t even know who was playing, lol.

Ultimate64 asked: What parties do you want to return in August or September? [Again, this question was from June]
Trainman1405: I was hoping for a summer party in August (which we kind of got) and I wasn’t really sure what to hope for in September.

Ultimate64 asked: How long did the most recent ‘Trainman1405 In Real Life’ post take to make?
Trainman1405: I don’t really remember, sorry.

AirCat asked: What age did you start getting into technology and computers? Was it a young age?
Trainman1405: Yes, I was in third grade…I think I was 9 years old. Maybe 10.

Atm40 asked: Do you play tennis, or any other sports?
Trainman1405: Nope, I’m not much of a sports person. I did do track & field in middle school though, as I enjoy running. Hurdles were my favourite.

Darth Lizard asked: Do you like chocolate?
Trainman1405: Nope, I don’t like chocolate – I love chocolate.

Milbo1 asked: Do you like pookies?
Trainman1405: I don’t mind them.

Milbo1 asked: Have you heard of the British band “The Wanted”?
Trainman1405: Yes I have! I definitely prefer them over One Direction. The only song I really know by them is Glad You Came.

Milbo1 asked: Do you consider yourself a “famous penguin” with all the imposters and your popular blog?
Trainman1405: I prefer the term well known, but yes I guess I am famous to some degree.

Milbo1 asked: Are you getting tired of my boring questions?
Trainman1405: Nope. :)

Nathan asked: Here in a state along a Great Lake where it snows over 100 inches a season, we desperately wait for spring to come and life to flourish yet again (The winter is fun at first but gets really annoying and boring after a while). I was just wondering if that sounds like fun to you?
Trainman1405: I do like snow, but over 100 inches in a season sounds like overkill. I prefer the warmth.

Nathan asked: Have you ever heard of Art Prize? It is a really cool festival in a place in Michigan, and I usually travel there for each event they have. You should go sometime :) I actually know the meteorologist who works for the community there and he is super friendly.
Trainman1405: I have not, but it sounds neat!

Ice asked: What is you favorite theme Of lego?
Trainman1405: I don’t have a specific one.

Oarca asked: Have you ever been outside the Country? If so, where?
Trainman1405: I went to Ireland when I was 1 year old.

Oarca asked: What’s the last thing you ate?
Trainman1405: Pineapple.

Oarca asked: Do you watch The Simpsons? If so, what’s your favorite character?
Trainman1405: Don’t have one since I’ve never watched the show.

Oarca asked: What’s your favorite word?
Trainman1405: Train.

Oarca asked: Have you ever gone water skiing?
Trainman1405: No, but I would definitely like to try it sometime.

Oarca asked: Have you ever bursted through a banner before?
Trainman1405: Can’t say I have.

Oarca asked: Have you ever publicly embarrassed yourself on purpose?
Trainman1405: Nah, I’d rather not do that.

Oarca asked: Have you ever done a belly flop in a pool?
Trainman1405: It wasn’t a major one, but yes.

Oarca asked: Who are you cheering for in the World Cup? [this question was from June]
Trainman1405: I wasn’t really cheering for anyone.

Lost Dragon asked: Do you live on Earth?
Trainman1405: I do not, I actually live on Saturn!

TrollCP asked: Do your parents, relatives, friends, know that you blog about Club Penguin? If so, are they supportive?
Trainman1405: Yup, I think everyone in my family as well as my close friends know. They are all very supportive with what I do and I am extremely fortunate to have it that way.

TrollCP asked: Do your parents, relatives, friends, know how good you are at programming languages? Do they ask you for help?
Trainman1405: Yes they do, they’ll ask me for computer help often.

TrollCP asked: What irritates you the most?
Trainman1405: Shouting and arguments.

Melvin 505 asked: Do you plan on owning, like, one of those big giant model train sets? Like the ones that are huge, take up a room, and really expensive someday?
Trainman1405: I’d like to! I just need a job.. *cough* hire me Club Penguin *cough*

Melvin 505 asked: Why 1405?
Trainman1405: They were random numbers I thought of when joining Club Penguin. They have no meaning.

Me asked: ur human?
Trainman1405: Alien.

TrollCP asked: There are a lot of pages on your blog. How do you manage to keep them all up-to-date?
Trainman1405: They’re outdated now unfortunately, they were kept up to date because I had a lot of free time. Unfortunately that isn’t really the case anymore.

TrollCP asked: You are considered as a very popular personality in the Club Penguin community. Do you enjoy all this attention?
Trainman1405: I don’t mind it, it’s cool to have a lot of friends. However it can be a bit overwhelming at times since I’m constantly in demand from so many people.

TrollCP asked: You are invited to visit various people’s parties. Do you enjoy going to them?
Trainman1405: Of course! I attend parties whenever I can.

TrollCP asked: What is the 1 thing that you’ve learnt in real life, because of Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: How to code. I didn’t learn it specifically from Club Penguin, but Club Penguin was my “gateway” to the computer. It’s what got me using the computer a lot which led to me discovering my love for the computer, which eventually led to wanting to learn how to code.

TrollCP asked: What time do you go to bed?
Trainman1405: Usually around midnight, maybe 11:30 on a good night. Sometimes later, like 1 AM. Shh…don’t tell my mother. :P

TrollCP asked: If there’s any point when you have cannot post due to stuff, what do you do?
Trainman1405: I finish the stuff that’s keeping me from posting then blog when I have the time.

TrollCP asked: Do your parents, friends, relatives, etc. know about your online girlfriend?
Trainman1405: Yes they do! And her parents and friends know she has an online boyfriend.

Nothing asked: Hablas español?
Trainman1405: Si, un poco.

Nightbug1 asked: If you could move anywhere outside the states, where would you go and why?
Trainman1405: Canada, because that’s where Club Penguin is! Okay, now for a serious answer: probably somewhere in Canada where it’s full of nature (preferably a warmer part of the country) or the United Kingdom…everything in the UK seems so nice.

Mr Perry P asked: Will you ever clean out your buddy list of the people who no longer go online to add others who have been waiting patiently for you to add them for years? It would then become fair to others.
Trainman1405: I do a little bit here and there when I have time but Club Penguin’s buddy list system is such a mess I can’t delete more than a few penguins without it glitching.

SMOON asked: Have you read the Harry Potter books, or watched the films? If so, what’s your opinion on how the book ended? would you have preferred it if Harry died or was the ending just fine to you? Personally,i Liked the ending but thought the epilogue was was a bit cheesey!, you? :’)
Trainman1405: I’m a huge Harry Potter fan! I’ve read all the books three times and seen every single movie once. I think the book ended just fine, I’m glad Harry didn’t die. I didn’t mind the epilogue either, I thought it was a nice touch.

Anonymous asked: Do you know thinknoodles and if you do, do you like him?
Trainman1405: I know who he is, yep! I think he’s a cool and respectable fellow.

Bubsey Good asked: Do you like trains? DO YOU LIKE TRAINS YOU ROBOT?
Trainman1405: I LOVE ‘EM.

Slippery Raptor asked: Do sometimes feel that you want to quit CP? Do you feel weird if your friends know that you still play CP? :)
Trainman1405: Sometimes, yes, but it’s nothing serious. I enjoy Club Penguin. I don’t mind others knowing that I still play the game.

Pantherxx asked: What is your motivation to continue blogging?
Trainman1405: Helping others with my posts.

Chilly573 asked: If this question isn’t too personal, what’s your middle name?
Trainman1405: Richard.

Torres126 asked: What inspired you to blog about Club Penguin?
Trainman1405: Wanting to help others and sharing my knowledge of the game’s past.

Dude544 asked: Do you watch Anime? Which ones?
Trainman1405: I’ve only seen Monster (it’s more of an adult anime) and the first half of Attack on Titan – I still need to watch the rest. I guess you could count Pokemon too.

Wwe vs Wwf asked: What would be the worst job ever?
Trainman1405: Any of the jobs Mike Rowe’s had to do on his Dirty Jobs TV show, lol.

Wwe vs Wwf asked: What is the worst and best thing about being an adult?
Trainman1405: The worst would be the responsibilities you have, and you’re busy doing stuff you don’t want to have to do. The best thing is the freedom you have.

Wwe vs Wwf asked: What are some of your pet peeves?
Trainman1405: I don’t really know, to be honest with you.

Wwe vs Wwf asked: What is something in your website you really wanted to change?
Trainman1405: I don’t have anything that comes to mind.

Wwe vs Wwf asked: How different would Club Penguin Memories be if you went to public school?
Trainman1405: It probably wouldn’t exist or be closed.

Wwe vs Wwf asked: What is your least favorite game?
Trainman1405: I’m going to guess you mean on Club penguin…if so, the answer is Card-Jitsu Snow.

Wwe vs Wwf asked: What is something you miss about being a child?
Trainman1405: Being innocent. You don’t know there’s a lot of bad in the world, you just get to run around and play with friends. You have no responsibilities, you have nothing to worry about. As you grow up that slowly changes. You have to take care of yourself more. You have to start keeping track of things. You hear about the bad things going on in the world and actually understand the magnitude of it.

Wwe vs Wwf asked: What would you be doing right now if Club Penguin did not exist?
Trainman1405: Not answering this question, that’s what. :P I’d probably be reading.

Sopong5556 asked: Do you have an iMac or a PC? If iMac 27 inches or 21 inches?
Trainman1405: Technically both. The iMac isn’t mine though, it’s my parent’s computer and it’s 21 inches. I have both a Macbook and PC however.

Megg12345 asked: Do you enjoy meeting new people on cp?
Trainman1405: Of course! I just wish I could add them all.

Charlie the Penguin asked: What is your opinion of all the changes that have been taking place on Club Penguin recently? (ex: sponsored parties, room renovations, 3D penguins)
Trainman1405: Some of it’s nice, some of it’s not. I kind of wish Club Penguin wouldn’t fix (change) what ain’t broke. I don’t mind the takeovers though.

Megg12345 asked: Do you currently do sports? I am in karate and I’m a girl. :P
Trainman1405: I don’t. That’s cool you do karate though!

Sms8 asked: On twitter you showed an image of a digging truck is that in your backyard and what is it doing? (this was the image, for those wondering)
Trainman1405: We were getting some piping put in the ground to better route water so it didn’t partially flood the backyard, as it wasn’t properly draining.

Polo Feild asked: What’s your Club Penguin password?
Trainman1405: I don’t even know it, tbh.

grgikau asked: Can you get graser to do a club penguin video?
Trainman1405: Graser is done with Club Penguin.

flop asked: did you buy art pop on itunes
Trainman1405: no

Sommfi asked: Who is your favourite singer/band?
Trainman1405: Justin Furstenfeld from the band Blue October will always be #1 to me.

Sommfi asked: What is your dream career?
Trainman1405: I don’t really have one, but I definitely wouldn’t mind the chance to work for Club Penguin.

Sommfi asked: What is your favourite day of the week?
Trainman1405: Thursdays since they’re my least busy day.

Sommfi asked: Do you sleep on your side, back or belly?
Trainman1405: I lay on my right side.

Sommfi asked: What is your favourite music genre?
Trainman1405: Any EDM. (electronic dance music)

Sommfi asked: If you could go to any country in the world right now, where would that be?
Trainman1405: I wouldn’t mind visiting England…but that’s kind of a cliche choice. :-/

McD asked: Do you know about the helix fossil and do you worship it?
Trainman1405: ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ All hail lord helix ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Turbo Tankz asked: Don’t you feel bored when on CP at all? I really get bored a lot unless the room is like full with people who are role-playing which is what I enjoy doing on CP. Are you the same or not and why? Just curious as you’re even older than me! :P
Trainman1405: I like checking out the updates and playing mini-games but other than that I don’t mind Club Penguin that fun anymore. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still enjoy CP plenty.

Turbo Tankz asked: Are you married or planning to do so anytime soon?
Trainman1405: Nah, it’s weird that I can get married but that happening is still a while away.

Turbo Tankz asked: How was Minecraft when you played it? I mean, did you enjoy it that you got addicted to it like your brother? Oh, and, do you usually play MC with ur bro or not always or never ever and why if sometimes or never?
Trainman1405: I’ve only played Minecraft once so far…it was alright. I’ve never played it with him as of yet.

Turbo Tankz asked: What do you think of Poptropica?
Trainman1405: It’s a neat looking game. I haven’t played it in years though.

Turbo Tankz asked: MC, Poptropica, CP. Sort them according to ur fav game.
Trainman1405: Club Penguin, Poptropica, Minecraft.

Turbo Tankz asked: Are you always at home and never talk to anyone in real life or go out cuz u seem to… umm… have no life… (sorry bad to say it) or do you do both sometimes or even rarely?
Trainman1405: I’m at home a majority of the time but I do go out sometimes. In late 2012 I wrote a blog post explaining why I’m home so much. You can read it here.

Turbo Tankz asked: Why do you share a lot of personal information that you even told us your whole life story and showed us many photos of you? That’s dangerous…
Trainman1405: My parents are fine with it. It can’t be used to track me down.

Turbo Tankz asked: What do you think of iOS 8?
Trainman1405: Yes, iOS 8 is pretty cool.

Turbo Tankz asked: Apple, Samsung, Microsoft. Sort them according to ur fav. (or “best and most advanced”)
Trainman1405: Apple, Microsoft, Samsung.

Turbo Tankz asked: Are you a programmer?
Trainman1405: A little bit. Nothing major.

Turbo Tankz asked: What’s your dream job? (please don’t tell me a CP support representative if you don’t think that you’ll ever get a chance to get this job)
Trainman1405: I could become a CP support representative if I wanted to, I’d just have to move to California or Canada which is out of the question at this point in time unfortunately. I don’t really have a dream job otherwise. Having a dream thing isn’t really my type of thing.

Turbo Tankz asked: Have you ever got in fights with boys from school? If so, did you win or lose? Or at least, which happens most – you winning or losing?
Trainman1405: I’ve never gotten into a fight.

Turbo Tankz asked: Was the last Christmas competitions thing for 24 days (or 12, I don’t remember) fake as you didn’t record yourself choosing the winners fairly?
Trainman1405: 100% real.

Turbo Tankz asked: Spike Hike or Billybob? You must pick one. For me, I’d say Billybob. Although I think Spike Hike did good job but Billybob still did better when it comes to not having takeovers and actually LISTEN to us with what the word holds of meaning…
Trainman1405: This is a tough question. I like Billybob as I grew up “with” him as I was a kid, but Spike Hike is a cool person too, and unlike Billybob I’ve gotten to talk to Spike Hike. I don’t really have a definite answer.

Turbo Tankz asked: Have you heard about or tried CPYS? (CP Your Server – a CPPS. Well, the post popular one which later on closed)
Trainman1405: I don’t support private servers since they’re illegal. I’ve heard of CPYS but I have never used it.

Turbo Tankz asked: How often do you cut your hair?
Trainman1405: It’s trimmed about once every six weeks.

Turbo Tankz asked: How often do you shave?
Trainman1405: About once a week since I’m lazy.

Turbo Tankz asked: Do you get rid if your body’s hair like legs, hands, etc…?
Trainman1405: Nope, it’s all intact.

Turbo Tankz asked: Have you ever tried “Laser Hair Removal”?
Trainman1405: Nope.

Turbo Tankz asked: Why do you like posting before everyone else?
Trainman1405: I just post when I can and often enough it seems to be before others post.

Turbo Tankz asked: Don’t you think that Spike should stop pretending to “listen” to us and actually STOP the advertising parties. Yes, AD Parties is the new name of Takeovers. Imma call ’em so. They used to say that it’s safe for children and is a ad-free game… Oh, and when Disney bought it they signed a contact which contained a rule saying that it’ll stay stay an ad-free game… I hope you show this to Spike Hike…
Trainman1405: What the community (aka blogs and Twitter) doesn’t represent the full community. Just because some of us don’t want takeovers doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t want them. Club Penguin can’t have a one size fits all update that pleases everyone. The game itself has no advertisements like the ones you see on here. They’re just combining other Disney characters and putting them on Club Penguin. I don’t consider that advertisement. Maybe some do, but personally I do not.

Turbo Tankz asked: Do you design graphics or not at all? Don’t worry, I don’t want any but just curious as I think that you never design graphics but always others do so for you.
Trainman1405: Nope, graphics aren’t my thing.

Ultimate64 asked: Can you do the Chubby Bunny challenge?
Trainman1405: Lol, maybe one day.

Mobile 505 asked: Have you ever built your own computer?
Trainman1405: Yes! Last April I did for the first time ever. It was a lot of fun….and time consuming.

Turbo Tankz asked: Which button did u remove from your site’s header last year?
Trainman1405: The trackers one.

UN Own asked: Is this the crusty crab?
Trainman1405: No, this is Patrick!

UN Own asked: What is the meaning of life?
Trainman1405: I think you should ask someone else that :)

UN Own asked: How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Trainman1405: Scrambled.

UN Own asked: Opinion on bacon in syrup?
Trainman1405: Yum…

UN Own asked: Do you think the 90s ended in 1999 or the late 2000s?
Trainman1405: 1999.

UN Own asked: What is your shoe size?
Trainman1405: I’m a size 8.

UN Own asked: If you had to get a tattoo, what would it be of?
Trainman1405: I’m not really sure…I can’t really imagine myself having a tattoo.

UN Own asked: Samurai warriors or medieval knights?
Trainman1405: Medieval knights for sure!

28 thoughts on “Trainman1405 Answers Your Questions For a Fourth Time

  1. Have you tried building railway systems (mine carts) in Minecraft? More than PvP/survival I enjoyed the freedom – you could build anything from automatic doors to real computer! The redstone was, for me, what made the game cool.

  2. Thanks for answering my question Train! I do understand how Club Penguin’s buddy list is EXTEMELY glitchy, but if possible (I don’t mind) could you send me a friend request? If not will I be able to meet you sometime soon on CP?

    -Mr Perry P

  3. WOOHOO! Finally lol! And you’ve played Minecraft, you can translate with only a translator, there’s so much to read XD

  4. “Chilly573 asked: If (I mean WHEN) you work for CP, will you give all of your original blog readers your signature blue lei? :P” He never will, They blacklisted ever since he showed the pictures of the Mod panel given to him by Sentrix as well as complaining a lot to CP.

  5. The only question I have is, you do you think about Club Penguin wanting to use the 3D avatars on the computer? I find the current avatars much cooler and nicer. :P

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