Trainman1405 In Real Life: Home Schooling (and why I am)

With Summer vacation being over for everyone, it now means school is in session. Since I haven’t done a Trainman1405 In Real Life post for a while I figured now would be a good time to do so. This one focuses on school.

As some of you know, I am home schooled. This hasn’t been the case my whole life, it’s only happened recently – and not because I’m a blogger and want to be able to post quickly all the time. That has nothing to do with it. I have some medical issues such as chronic fatigue – ongoing tiredness. Sleep does nothing, my whole body just feels exhausted 24/7. I’m also always achy feeling and just feel blah overall. This started back in early 2008 when I was 6th grade. Up until then I was in public school attending daily aside from when I got sick from time to time. (and what’s funny is since I’m home a lot I almost never get sick now, haha) From the middle of sixth grade to the end of tenth grade (June of this year) I was doing something like homeschooled called Homebound Education, which is provided by the state I live in. (although I think all states provide it or something like it :P) With Homebound Education I was still enrolled in public school, I just did everything from home since I am unable to attend school based on how I feel. I would do my five major subjects (Math, English, History, Science, and Spanish) from home. A teacher from the school district for each subjects would come to my house for an hour each week – so one day a teacher would be at my house for an hour for Math, another day a different teacher would come for an hour for English, etc. They would review material, I’d turn in work, and they gave me papers to complete before they came next week. It worked from sixth to tenth grade pretty well since I’m motivated enough, but an hour of instruction per subject each week wasn’t enough.

So this school year (eleventh grade) I’m doing regular homeschooling, but online. My mom couldn’t decide between doing traditional homeschool or homeschooling online, but a little over a week ago we finally made the decision I’d be doing online classes. So now I do school for a few hours each day on my computer. My instruction is online, I take quizzes online, etc. I read it over and complete the work at my own pace, and I have a year to complete it. (although my goal is to do it in half a year so I can finish eleventh and twelfth grade by around this time next year, a whole year before my regular old classmates :P) It’s pretty interesting and fun to do. I still have physical textbooks to read and I get the same amount of work if not more, but it’s more flexible.

So that’s why I’m homeschooled and able to post so quickly almost all of the time. I’m on the computer doing work when I see there is something to post and am able to do it. If I was in regular school all day I don’t know how well I would be able to manage all my websites. Oh well. Now you know a bit more about me and my personal life. :)

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  1. That’s pretty interesting. I wish I could do that, mainly because I wish to finish school earlier, but my mom says its better in an actual school. I’m still trying to understand why it’s better waking up at 6:30 and being forced to do work constantly, sometimes slower then my pace, but oh well.

  2. Cool That was so intresting! I always wondered that and that was my answer! Lol
    P.S I hope i can meet u Also a reply would be nice plz reply!


  3. So your teachers kind of tutored you at home for a while? Is your state really small and thats why you cant say which one? Okay Im getting a bit too personal! I dont even live in USA so it doesnt matter

  4. How can they be sure that you don’t cheat with your textbook in front of you during a quiz? xD LOL

    What’s cool about online homeschooling is you can wear pajamas and not wake up late!

    I hope you get better sometime. ;)

  5. Hey Train,
    I feel for you!
    Can we please meet up on Club Penguin. I’m a big fan! I am always on CP late at night and I always see ‘Trainman1405 is online.’ I get so excited, but then you’re gon in like 2 minutes :(

    Can we please meet up on Saturday :D

  6. I feel sorry for you, but anyways do you miss some of your old classmates? Don’t you feel alone sometimes? What are the benefits and non-benefits about Online Homeschooling?

    • Well I moved last year and had already been out of school for a few years so many friendships went away. :P I feel slightly alone but I do have a few very close online friends I talk to almost daily. The biggest benefit is being able to work at your own pace/whenever. I don’t know any non-benefits.

    • There’s a lot of requirements expected in my district that I need to pass in order to graduate from high school, I would rather go to another state or city…

  7. Sadly in my place it’s illegal to do homeschooling -_- I really wish I could do it. It probably is much better than normal schools, and you can always blog fast.

  8. Cool! I never knew that until now when I was cruising around your website… and yes! I am homeschooled, too!! I’ve been doing it since preschool. This is so awesome, Train!! At least I’m not the only CP blogger that’s homeschooled…

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