Is Club Penguin Quietly Phasing Out Penguin of the Week? Q&A With Daffodaily5

Today Daffodaily5 answered some questions she had us ask her in the post she made last Thursday, and for the second week in a row she made no mention of Penguin of the Week in her post. This marks four weeks since she last did Penguin of the Week. Does this mean they are silently phasing it out? I guess time will tell, but since there has been no mention of it for two weeks (and counting) I wouldn’t be surprised. Here’s a pic from her post. It’s from the parade she had on Club Penguin yesterday:


Here are the questions and answers she put in her post:

Q: Which is your favorite party on club penguin?
A: It’s so hard to choose! The Puffle Party has been one of my faves for a loooong time. Puffles are super cute and it’s great to celebrate with them!

Q: What is one of your favourite things to do while working at Club Penguin?
A: Working on the Blog is so brill – I get to read comments, look at awesome fan art, and organize parties! What could be better?

Q: How did you come up with your penguin name, Daffodaily5?
A: Daffodils are beautiful flowers that grow every Spring here in the UK. I wanted a name related to them – and 5 is just a good number :)

Q: What is your favorite kind of pie?
A: Apple pie!

Next week Daffodaily will be posting a Merry Walrus meetup.

9 thoughts on “Is Club Penguin Quietly Phasing Out Penguin of the Week? Q&A With Daffodaily5

  1. Hello Trainman1405!
    At Daffodaily5’s Festive Parade Party, I was speaking to Steampowered about Penguin of the Week!
    He said that they have nearly fixed the problem!
    Waddle On!

  2. On the subject of Q&A’s, where’s Ask Train Answers? I think it’s been like 7 months since we submitted the questions…

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