On This Day In Club Penguin History – November 10

So far in Club Penguin’s history updates have occurred on three different years. Those three years are 2006, 2008, and 2011.

2006 was the most minor year for updates. There was a single update which was a new pin, the Jet Pack Pin. It was located at the Beach on the rocks next to the Lighthouse. The Jet Pack Pin was released to go along with the release of the Jet Pack Adventure game, which was released several days before on the 6th of November. (back then Club Penguin launched new games on Mondays instead of Thursdays)

In 2008, the Dojo reopening was going to happen soon. Because of this a sign was added to the inside of the Dojo saying “Training Coming November 17”, referring to Card-Jitsu. The snowed-in Dojo Courtyard was updated too, with more of the Dojo’s exterior being revealed since it was originally completely covered by snow.

Finally, in 2011 there were three updates. There was the 55th field op, which was located at the Pet Shop. The mini-game was to power the chipset by guiding the micro battery. The igloo and furniture catalogues were updated for the month too. The igloo catalogue contained one new item, the Woven Rice Mat Flooring. On the other hand the furniture catalogue featured new ninja related items such as the Ninja Gate, Training Dummy, and Noodle Stand – Thinknoodles’ favourite.


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  1. (back then Club Peguin launched new games on Mondays instead of Thursdays): Should have been Club Penguin instead of Club Peguin.

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