Updated – What’s He Up To?

If you go to Herbert P. Bear’s website you’ll see that it has been updated once again! You can see a picture of his lair and inside it is a table with what appears to be a dismantled periscope along with blueprints for a robotic crab and a mug that says #1 Party Pooper.


Based on the clues I think Herbert may be causing some trouble later this month at the Pirate Party…

Thanks Trazer!

12 thoughts on “ Updated – What’s He Up To?

  1. This robotic crab is most likely to be the crab boss we defeat in the party with special swords. The party will most likely have an embedded EPF plot in it, like The Great Snow Race. There would be a fun quest to do, along with the EPF challenge. With all of these clues and theories, this is likely to be a great party a bit like the Halloween party but better.

  2. I think that Herbert might be actually doing two things! Either implanting the crabs with cybernetic chips (making them cyborgs) or just making plain robots witch is probably what he is going to do. I think Cp just wants to give us a hint that Herbert will always appear in November, even if the party isn’t about them. Trainman please respond to this. Share your thoughts!

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