Where on the Island: October 10, 2014 (Update: Winner Announced!)

Megg is doing a new game on the Club Penguin Blog, which she borrowed from Tato Maxx on the Spanish blog! It’s called “Where on the Island”. Basically a screenshot of a small piece of a room on Club Penguin is posted and you have to figure out where it’s from and you might win 5,000 coins.┬áHere’s the hint/where you have to guess it’s from:


Do you know? I figured it out! It was tricky! You can comment on the Club Penguin Blog with your answer here. Make sure you specify what’s seen in the photo and where on the island it is! Comments won’t be published on Megg’s post tomorrow so you have a chance to guess.

UPDATE: The winner has been announced, Dj Stores. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the picture is from the Mine on the Cart Surfer sign.

28 thoughts on “Where on the Island: October 10, 2014 (Update: Winner Announced!)

  1. i cant find it plz secretly tell me plz tell me i beg you
    ps now i will never get the coins
    pps i already have more than one hundred thirty thousand coins

  2. i am the guy who has the 130,000 coins
    ppps. yeah, i realized i didn’t need the coins
    pppps. i wonder how they get you the coins
    ppppps. i cant wait to get to the wild woods from puffle wild cant wait!

  3. wait a sec.. how’d you know the winner was dj stores? the blog doesn’t say (millionth time saying this, im the guy who has 135,000 coins)

  4. hey, im 135000 coins guy (aka Icy Blue4060 – penguin name) and i didn’t hack to get the coins i never got banned good for me!! ):D

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