Club Penguin Halloween Party 2014 Sneak Peeks – Plaza and Music

A sneak peek image of the Plaza during the 2014 Halloween Party has been uncovered in Club Penguin’s files and boy, does this look like a disappointing party. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but it seems like the Puffle Hotel is going to be the ONLY decorated area of the island during the Halloween Party. If so, that’s terrible…and expect a big post when the party is released. Hopefully this sneak peek is incomplete.

You may recall me mentioning in my previous sneak peek post that the main focus will be a quest at the Puffle Hotel. That’s true, as you can see in the image below the hotel has been expanded and there is a special glowing entrance.


If you look at the sky, you’ll see it’s dark ONLY where the hotel is. That’s not a good sign at all. There are a few arguments, such as:

  • “It’s from the mobile app so the room decorations aren’t loaded” yeah, but even so the other buildings in the Plaza like the Pet Shop and Pizza Parlour have no special looks whatsoever unlike the Puffle Hotel. Plus there’s the sky like I mentioned. It doesn’t cover the whole entrance
  • If other rooms to the left and right of the Plaza were decorated you would see it in the above image. Instead the Snow Forts, Forest, and even the Mine Shack look undecorated
  • Parties on Club Penguin are less of a party nowadays anyway, they are more of a quests. Quests are fun…but not when you don’t decorate the island. The types of quests I enjoy are PSA missions and scavenger hunts that do not conflict with a party
  • Club Penguin’s files only make Halloween references to the Puffle Hotel and no other rooms

I guess we’ll know for sure on October 24th, but I sure hope the island is more decorated than what I see above. Otherwise I think many of us are going to be disappointed by this year’s Halloween Party.

Anyway, on to the music. There are tons of sound effects and a music track. In the music playlist below I’ve included some of the many sounds you will hear at the 2014 Halloween Party.

The party starts October 24th.

Thanks to Pen50gi for his help on alerting me about this and finding the image and music.

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  1. This is how the party will appear on the app. In files and even on the homepage, you can see that other rooms will be decorated online. It’s like Puffle Party.

  2. In the image one the homepage, it shows a bat with a door underneath. I’m guessing its the puffle hotel. If that’s the case, we have some more hope for the party being decorated a bit more.

  3. THIS LOOKS VERY BAD!!! At this point the club penguin Halloween party DOES NOT look like a Halloween party ANYMORE. I created my penguin in the 2012 Halloween party. In 2012 was FUN even though I didn’t stick around for the whole year of 2012 at least the Halloween party 2012 Operation blackout and the holiday party were fun. Nowadays club penguin parties ARE’NT FUN!!

  4. Let’s hope they haven’t finished uploading the party to the app, or maybe it’s a red herring, or I’m going to be disappointed. Club Penguin’s been really lazy with most parties lately, and the bugs have been piling up, only fixing the ridiculous ones like the Puffle Park upside down penguin glitch. I feel empathy for Club Penguin and their Music Jam 2014, because I’ve heard that they had a big island-wide party in addition to the ship planned, but the rooms got deleted on accident and the Music Jam 2014 is what they were left with. However, this? This is just sheer laziness. They could AT LEAST return rooms from the Halloween Party 2013. I hope that the login screen with the Hotel on it depicts the party correctly, because that bat puffle statue next to the Hotel looks like it’s from the Pet Shop decor last year, and the dark sky isn’t only over the Puffle Hotel. But unfortunately, I’ve got a feeling that’s false advertising. The perfect circle of clouds around the Hotel and how that and the carpet fit into the Plaza perfectly makes me think this is going to be a very disappointing party. If this is indeed the Halloween Party 2014, let’s hope they’re working on something big enough to leave us with parties like these.

  5. Hmm.. Quite sure the Puffle Shop will be decorated. I really think that picture is just a rough pic only made to show what the puffle hotel will look like. I have a feeling that most of the Island will be decorated. Its the Halloween party after all.

  6. You know what I think? There is no update announced for October 16th. MAYBE that day Puffle Hotel will get a Halloween design just for prepare for Halloween Party. I don’t know if you understand me (sorry for pour English). Maybe that image comes from October 16th, when prepare for Halloween Party will begin and on October 23th we will get a whol island decorated :)

  7. Since the party starts in 2 weeks, I think (and hope) they are still working on the textures and they haven’t implemented them yet as files,and they only did so for the puffle hotel. I cant belive CP will do such thing, especially with the halloween party, which is a traditional party and its going on for 10 years. I guess we can obly wait and see what will happen.

  8. I hope it’s not like that terrible Music Jam we had in July. C’mon CP, decorate the whole island and not just a few rooms just because they are the main rooms!

  9. I think it’s a sneak peek of the preparations: October 17-24. The sky is not fully darken, and if you look closely at the login screen, you’ll see that the Puffle Shop is decorated and the sky is dark. I’m pretty sure they will at least reuse some rooms from the 2013 edition. CP is not that down yet.

    • The image had “141022_Halloween” in the URL. 10/22/2014 = the date the Halloween Party is going to be released. :S I guess we’ll find out.

  10. hi trainman just one thing; if you look at the log in screen or home screen for club penguin you’ll see a giant bat puffle that is supposed to be the usual blue puffle on the pet shop. anyways i’m sure it’s impossible that club penguin only decorated one room for the tenth halloween. they will most probably use old designs for the regular club penguin and a whole new hotel. have a nice day

  11. I have an idea for the mission! Gariwald has a message for you but its not finished! Gary think he might be in the hotel somewhere! we saw a door that is stuck and gary opened it and the ghost puffles were released and we find the pieces then build it and then we wear it and catch them with all them when we caught all we get the ghost puffle and the ghost puffle costume! cool right?

    Take that back (maybe?)
    Have you seen the new “Game on!” For disney channel? It features the new haunted hotel.
    But hey, this looks like one of the crappiest parties ever.

  13. Ive been with club penguin since 2008 and heres my opinion on cp at the moment. Club penguin was progressively getting better and better, up till around mid 2012, the adventure party, usually held in june was moved to august and a new party came out, the marvel party. Now most of us thought hey u kno its an ad for the avengers but it will be a one time thing plus the rooms r pretty well decorated, it will be a one time thing. Then came the ultimate jam, an amazing party, but featured cece and rocky from shake it up, most of us let that slide cause at least the penguin band and cadence were there and the party was amazing and very well decorated, jump to october. Billybob leaves cp, followed by happy 77 and moose,after they left and spike took over cp started to seem a bit diffrent, way better graphics in rooms, heavily designed partys, but more advertisement partys. Cp stopped following a set scedual, i personally didnt like that but it let more room for new partys and new ideas, even tho they alot were ads but In place of classic partys like the april fools party or even the adventure party in may kindof upsets me. But cp is going down a path many classic players dont appreciate, i have not been too involved with cp reciently but i have been keeping an eye on it just to see whats going on there. Since billybob or most of the old leaders of cp are not there anymore there will probably be diffrent partys and many diffrences than the post disney/billybob era(2007- 2012) so basically mascots will not be a challenge to find anymore, partys will become better designed, but are smaller in comparison to old partys and it seems more advertiment partys. One thing i do in fact like is cp does care what the community wants and even checks in on blogs like this and comments. In all cp is going to be moving along, new members will join old members will leave, and partys and cp itself will keep evolving, whether good or not. Cp next is coming along and who knows what cp will be like after that. Cp is doing pretty well right now but doesnt seem to be aimed at older members/people who have been playing for years, it is aimed for new younger players who can go through the same cycle as us and the cycle will continue. Sorry for the essay just felt like letting tjis out, btw sorry for spelling and grammatical mistakes i did this late at nights, if u read this whole thing tho i do thank you and who knos maybe cp will read this

    • Yeah, when I commented I said it was bad. But that means that i’m becoming less intrested. Just like you said the cycle happens everytime and we can’t stop it. Just gonna stick for one more year and then quit. My taste is becoming lower with club penguin. Hope the club penguin team sees your comment. They’ll be happy.

  14. guys it sure is incomplete cuz
    the sky is at the day not night .
    just like snowballoo89 said so . first
    I thought just like snowballoo89.
    this is incomplete. every year cub
    penguin doess something special on halloween party so of course this is incomplete

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