Club Penguin Blog: New Puffles Coming!

Although many of us already know what the Puffles are and look like thanks to blog posts and hackers, today on the blog Megg has posted sneak peeks of the new Puffles that will be coming to the island soon. Here is her post:

I’m officially calling this year the year of the puffles. So far we’ve introduced: dinos, cat, dog, AND snowman puffles. Craziness!

The best part? There are still more to come!

A few players may have caught glimpses of the new puffles, but here’s a little sneak peek of more puffles coming later this year:


What do you think the new puffles will be?

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8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: New Puffles Coming!

  1. I see a bunny (bottom left), a unicorn (bottom right), a cow (top left), and 2 unidentifiable things. Thianks for posting Train!

  2. “A few players may have caught glimpses of the new puffles”

    Perhaps those penguins waddling with the new unreleased puffles were actually moderadors testing it like it happened with the Sasquatch. Either that or Megg is refering to people who read blogs.

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