On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 11

There were quite a few updates on this day in September 2009. The Fair had been going on for a few days already, so new prizes were added to the booth like usual. They were the Stripey Hat, Curly Mustache, and Snack Stand, a furniture item. The stage was updated and there were several other updates too. Fun fact, I was the first to leak/find/give bloggers the sneak peek image shown below of the new items that were released on September 11th, which other bloggers took and claimed as their own, lol.

Also on September 11, 2009 a new pin was hidden, the 101 Days of Fun Pin. It was located at the Pizza Parlour. Also, The Penguins That Time Forgot was at the Stage for the second time. It was first there in June 2008. In addition to that the Book Room Writing Contest Penguin Tales (Volume 3) book was added to the Bookshelf in the Book Room after a few months of first being mentioned in the newspaper for submissions. There was also a mysterious Black Puffle at the Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout, Forest, and Ski Village. It was a dubbed to be a Ninja Puffle. Finally, the postcard catalogue was also updated.


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