101 Days Of Fun

101 Days Of Fun was a thing that was in each issue of the Club Penguin Times over the summer, giving you a different thing to do each day on Club Penguin. Below are all the fun things that were listed.

Day 1 (June 4th)

It’s time for the epic pin hunt! Turn blue, put on your ice cream apron, and see if you can lead 25 penguins to the pin!

Day 2 (June 5th)

Work time! Grab a Construction Hat from the Penguin Style Catalog and get more than 10 dancing construction buddies to join you on the Iceberg!

Day 3 (June 6th)

Waddle up to the Lounge about the Night Club and play 10 levels of Astro-Barrier. Wait 30 seconds, then shoot the Blue Ship to uncover secret levels!

Day 4 (June 7th)

Grab a warm-weather item from the new catalog in the Gift Shop and have 20 penguins follow you to the Cove for a snowball throwing party!

Day 5 (June 8th)

Make a big fish wish! Go Ice Fishing by entering the door in the Lodge. Try to catch the big fish. Hint: Near the end, instead of a worm, use a fish as your bait.

Day 6 (June 9th)

It’s time for the Hiking Vikings! Buy a Viking Helmet of your choice at The Stage and march in a circle shouting “Hiking!” and “Viking!”

Day 7 (June 10th)

Before you log in to Club Penguin next time, check out the what’s new blog and help us pick a summer pin by leaving your comments!

Day 8 (June 11th)

Try doing things in a completely new way today. Start by reading the Club Penguin Times backwards like this – day backwards it’s! Luck good!

Day 9 (June 12th)

It’s the day of the big green parade! Paint your penguin any shade of green and start a parade of across the island with 20 other green penguins!

Day 10 (June 13th)

Start finding! Get a group of friends together and have a race to complete the adventure hunt. Be the first to spot everything!

Day 11 (June 14th)

Find a buddy and go find a plant that eats snowballs. Hint: Throw snowballs at every plant you see until you find it!

Day 12 (June 15th)

Prepare for take-off at the Beacon of the Lighthouse! Play Jet-Pack Adventure and try flying the whole course without getting any coins and win a huge bonus prize!

Day 13 (June 16th)

Attention explorers! Grab your best explorer’s outfit and uncover the mysterious stone Puffle statue. Lead 10 penguins to it, calling “This way to the Stone Puffle!”

Day 14 (June 17th)

It’s a busy day in the Coffee Shop! Put on your apron and get to work. Serve 10 cups of coffee to thirsty penguins.

Day 15 (June 18th)

Check out the Dojo Igloo Contest winners in the Newspaper! Buy some furniture from the catalog in the Ninja Hideout & recreate your favorite in your own igloo!

Day 16 (June 19th)

The new pin is out, so make sure you find it and wear it! Help other penguins discover it by giving them clues!

Day 17 (June 20th)

Head to the Stage to star in Fairy Fables! Try playing all of the roles, then pick your favorite and put on a play with your buddies.

Day 18 (June 21st)

Make buddies with 7 penguins from different countries. Make sure you all wear your country flag pins!

Day 19 (June 22nd)

Form a sports team with your buddies and start a game at the Soccer Pitch. Choose a team color to wear and make up cheers for your team!

Day 20 (June 23rd)

Make sure you have all the colors from penguin style. Then get together with your friends and throw a color party!

Day 21 (June 24th)

Challenge someone to a Card-Jitsu match and earn your next belt. If you’re already a ninja, practice in the secret Ninja Hideout.

Day 22 (June 25th)

Pretend to sink the Iceberg! Get a bunch of buddies to turn light blue and dance on the Iceberg so that you all look like water on top of the ‘Berg!

Day 23 (June 26th)

Ch-ch-check out the new DJ3K tracks in the Night Club today and celebrate by starting a dance party in your igloo! Don’t forget to decorate.

Day 24 (June 27th)

At the Pizza Parlor, move the switch on the Pizzatron 3000 and turn your pizzas sweet! Quickly make 8 candy pizzas without making a mistake.

Day 25 (June 28th)

Go Ice Fishing and hook as many fish as you can – then cook your catch for some buddies at a party in your igloo!

Day 26 (June 29th)

Time to this the dance floor and show off your moves! Challenge a buddy to a dance-off in the Night Club.

Day 27 (June 30th)

Waddle along to the Coffee Shop and go upstairs to the Book Room! Read all of the books and then wear the secret item that’s hidden in one of them…

Day 28 (July 1st)

Make a buddy smile. Tell your 5 favorite friends that you think they’re terrific by sending a Penguin Mail postcard! Thank you!

Day 29 (July 2nd)

Put on your tour guide hat and take a new penguin around the island, teaching them everything they need to know about Club Penguin! If you’re not a tour guide, take a tour!

Day 30 (July 3rd)

Sensei’s at the Hideout! Wear your belt around the island and let everyone know that Sensei has come to visit.

Day 31 (July 4th)

Celebrate under the fireworks by getting your penguin buddies together at the Iceberg and forming lines of different colors. Then… Dance!

Day 32 (July 5th)

Go to the Forest and pretend to be an animal! Try to get 10 different animals there, and pretend to have your own zoo!

Day 33 (July 6th)

Travel! Log in and choose the French language! Waddle around and say “Bonjour”!

Day 34 (July 7th)

Do Mission #1 & look for a hidden penguin by the Ice Rink. If you’re not a secret agent and your penguin is 30 days old, join by clicking the M at the top of your screen & take the quiz!

Day 35 (July 8th)

“You Decide!” Head to the What’s New Blog and help choose an item for the August Penguin Style catalog!

Day 36 (July 9th)

Create a store in your igloo! Pretend you’re the most successful shop-keeper on the island and sell furniture items or pets!

Day 37 (July 10th)

Ruby and the Ruby is at the Stage! Go read the script and then be Jacques Hammer or Ruby all over the island. Ask questions about the missing ruby!

Day 38 (July 11th)

Play Medieval Tag on the island by dressing in your favorite Medieval-Style outfit and chasing penguins who say “Roar!” If you have a dragon costume, get knights and princesses to chase you!

Day 39 (July 12th)

Head to the penguin style catalog at the gift shop. Get 10 friends to pick out a fabulous new outfit, and go to the Cove to have a fashion show!

Day 40 (July 13th)

Take your Puffle into a game it can help you play. Then walk around the island with your pet & let everyone know how awesome your pet is!

Day 41 (July 14th)

Go visit 15 igloos & tell the owner something that you love about their igloo.

Day 42 (July 15th)

Take your Soccer Ball to the Iceberg and start a dance party!

Day 43 (July 16th)

Head to the Portuguese server and say “Penguinando!”. It’s like saying “Waddle on!” See if you can get 5 penguins to say it back.

Day 44 (July 17th)

Rock? Country? Pop? Get your outfit, instrument & friends! Check out every stage, pick your favorite, and get 5 penguins dancing!

Day 45 (July 18th)

The new furniture is out! Make your igloo the coolest place to rock and then invite 10 penguins to a load igloo party!

Day 46 (July 19th)

Use your all access pass to get behind the scenes. Find a penguin to interview about their favorite times jamming with their band!

Day 47 (July 20th)

Find a cool band and let them know you’d like to help them out! Grab them a pizza, or dance to their songs.

Day 48 (July 21st)

Wackiest Music Jam Outfit Day! Gather other penguins, and cram the Lighthouse Stage wearing your wackiest outfits!

Day 49 (July 22nd)

Make your igloo into an airplane and pretend to fly all over the world!

Day 50 (July 23rd)

It’s Day 50 of 101 Days of Fun! Can you help to get a group of at least 10 penguins on the Iceberg to pop up Happy Face emotes?

Day 51 (July 24th)

You get to vote for the new penguin color! Head to the Forest and help decide! Cheer for your favorite color around the island.

Day 52 (July 25th)

Take your Purple or Blue Puffle out and about and visit other igloos! You can decorate your own igloo (Try Purple and Blue to host a Puffle Party!)

Day 53 (July 26th)

Last day of the Music Jam! Join your friends for a massive “Dance Off” at your favorite stage.

Day 54 (July 27th)

Play the secret hidden game on a computer in Mission #3. If you’re not a penguin secret agent, join by clicking the Moderator Badge at the top of your screen & take the quiz.

Day 55 (July 28th)

It’s a symphony! Press ‘E’ and then ‘T’ to show the music note emote and then get your buddies to fill up an igloo with sound!

Day 56 (July 29th)

You are the Puffle Handler Of The Year. Take your Puffle out for a walk and give other penguins tips on how to have the best pet ever!

Day 57 (July 30th)

Starting at the Cove, get at least 10 penguins in a link and walk around the entire island!

Day 58 (July 31st)

Transform your igloo into the ultimate performing stage, then invite others to come put on a show!

Day 59 (August 1st)

Play one level of every single game on the island.

Day 60 (August 2nd)

Go to the Stage, grab some detective gear from the catalog, and spend some time investigating the island!

Day 61 (August 3rd)

Find your scuba gear, head down to the underground pool, and have a snorkel party!

Day 62 (August 4th)

Dance, wave, and sit in any order, then see if other penguins can follow your moves!

Day 63 (August 5th)

You decide! Log out and head to the What’s New Blog to help select a new furniture item!

Day 64 (August 6th)

Check out Penguins Around the World on The Community Page of the website, then send us a picture of your toy penguin preparing for the Festival of Flight!

Day 65 (August 7th)

Celebrate the new color release with a game of tag. When you get tagged, turn Aqua and pass it on!

Day 66 (August 8th)

Have a shopping race with a buddy! Start at the Snow Forts and see if you can run to the Gift Shop, buy a new outfit, then return to the Snow Forts in 1 minute.

Day 67 (August 9th)

Form a group with other penguins and pretend you’re in a car. Waddle around the island together and give other penguins a lift!

Day 68 (August 10th)

Waddle up to the Book Room for a blast from the past. Find the hidden pyramid in the 2007-2008 yearbook!

Day 69 (August 11th)

Be the funniest penguin possible! Go tell everyone your favorite joke on stage at the Lighthouse.

Day 70 (August 12th)

Slow Down! See if you can be the last penguin down the hill while playing Sled Racing with your buddies.

Day 71 (August 13th)

What kind of sunglasses does Aunt Arctic wear? Find out by moving your mouse around Page B5 of the Newspaper, and tell 5 friends!

Day 72 (August 14th)

Find the new pin! When you do, draw attention to it by forming a wide circle around it with other penguins in the area.

Day 73 (August 15th)

Transform your igloo into an airplane, then invite other penguins over and watch the fun take flight!

Day 74 (August 16th)

Go to the Pet Shop and practice your Puffle Roundup skills. Try capturing the Blue Puffles first, then the rest, one color at a time!

Day 75 (August 17th)

Talk to your buddies using only emotes! See how many times you can make other penguins .

Day 76 (August 18th)

Try to find your penguin twin! Look at other penguin’s player cards and see if you can make buddies with a penguin dressed-up just like you today!

Day 77 (August 19th)

Start a wave at the Cove! Get a bunch of blue penguins together, then as a group walk back and forth in the water shouting ‘Wave!’

Day 78 (August 20th)

Start a game of ‘Copy Me’ at the Night Club. Whatever you do, get your friends to do it too. Try dancing, using emoticons, or telling a joke!

Day 79 (August 21st)

You’ve caught the rhythm bug, and you can’t stop dancing! Coordinate a conga line of 20 penguins and dance around the island.

Day 80 (August 22nd)

Describe a Club Penguin Character or Event to your buddies without saying its name. Feel free to use clothing items as props and see if they can guess it in 5 tries!

Day 81 (August 23rd)

Head to the surf shack at the Cove and play Catchin’ Waves in Survival Mode. Try staying on your board long enough to see the shark!

Day 82 (August 24th)

Turn your igloo into a Superhero HQ and recruit a team of penguins who are eager to save the day! Your team’s first take: Offer to save 10 penguins in need of help.

Day 83 (August 25th)

Find a penguin wearing at least 3 clothing items, then try to guess which is their favorite. If someone guesses your favorite item, display a smiley emote!

Day 84 (August 26th)

Check out the new play at the stage! See if you can memorize on character’s lines, then recite them to other penguins around the island.

Day 85 (August 27th)

Get your throwing flipped some practice! Meet up with your buddies at the Snow Forts and cover the Penguin Stadium sign with as many snowballs as you can.

Day 86 (August 28th)

Start a game of Soccer at the Soccer Pitch! Get two teams together and see how many goals you can score in a match.

Day 87 (August 29th)

Ninjas should exchange Card-Jitsu tips in the Hideout! If you don’t have a Black Belt, head to the Dojo and learn to play Card-Jitsu!

Day 88 (August 30th)

Become a puzzle master! Start by solving this week’s Puzzle Shuffle in The Club Penguin Times, then check out the Boiler Room for other Newspaper Puzzles!

Day 89 (August 31st)

Let your buddy help you design your igloo! Put some furniture items in the middle of your igloo, then ask them where they want you to put everything!

Day 90 (September 1st)

Help your buddies find all the buoys in Club Penguin from 1-8. They’re hidden in games, missions, and rooms. Good luck!

Day 91 (September 2nd)

You decide! Head to the What’s New Blog and help them decide on a catalog item!

Day 92 (September 3rd)

Take a shift as a lifeguard at the Underground Pool. Help 5 penguins stay safe by teaching them how to swim.

Day 93 (September 4th)

Attention all ninjas! Show up at the Cove wearing your ninja gear, then watch your surroundings closely for a fiery surprise.

Day 94 (September 5th)

Start a game show in your igloo and come up with silly prizes for the first 5 winners!

Day 95 (September 6th)

Have some fun giving out fashion advice at the Gift Shop. Try to get at least 3 different penguins to wear your favorite new item!

Day 96 (September 7th)

Pretend you’re in a synchronized swimming team. Get a crowd of at least 10 penguins in the water and make shapes together!

Day 97 (September 8th)

All flippers on deck! Hop aboard the Migrator and see how many penguins you can get to climb up the mast to the Crow’s Nest and fire the cannon.

Day 98 (September 9th)

Find an emerald hidden aboard the Migrator by playing Treasure Hunt. Have a buddy help you; emerald hunting is hard work and you won’t find one in every game.

Day 99 (September 10th)

Have some fun playing games at the fair today! Try collecting 101 tickets at fast as possible.

Day 100 (September 11th)

Find a pin made especially for 101 fans. Hint: Walk, waddle, or run to the place that the first 101 Activity was done.

Day 101 (September 12th)

Hold an igloo party and share stories about your favorite 101 Activity, then tell us what you enjoyed most on the What’s New Blog.

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