Club Penguin Blog: Daffo Doodles: Disco Inferno!

Today on Club Penguin’s Blog Daffodaily made another Daffo Doodles post, however due to a bug the image is broken in the post and you cannot actually see anything… Here is the post in the meantime:


It’s time to showcase the doodles for Daffo’s Disco Inferno! Once again I had such a hard time picking which ones to show, you were all soooo good! So here we are, check out some of the awesome artists we have within the Club Penguin community! :)


These are all pretty cool, don’t you think? Thanks to everyone who submitted a doodle! :)

Now it’s time to introduce the next theme… STANDARD DRUM ROLL… Daffo’s Frozen Party! So I expect to see lots of icy scenery and snowman puffles! Get doodling, because I’ll be featuring the best pics at the end of the Frozen Party in a few weeks!

Submit your Frozen Party doodles via the Fan Art Page. DON’T FORGET to change the file name of your image to “Daffo Doodles Frozen Party” along with your name, so I can easily find your pics! Have fun!


-Club Penguin Team

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