Quick Update

Hey everyone, sorry about the day or two of downtime Club Penguin Memories had! This incident was related to the downtime the website had a few weeks ago. I wanted to give a quick update on everything.

  • I am back from vacation – I arrived home yesterday afternoon
  • I’ll be spending today catching up on posts
  • Soon I’ll finally be answering all the questions you asked me
  • I’ll also be making a post about my trip to Minnesota
  • You might still see some errors on Club Penguin Memories such as broken images. I am trying to get these things fixed as soon as possible.

Told you it was a quick update! I apologise for never posting Aunt Arctic meetup times, it slipped my mind between the website downtime and vacation. Blah. But don’t worry, I’ll be on top of things again from now on. :)


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