July 14, 2014 Mod Monday (Now Over)

It’s time for another Mod Monday! As usual different Club Penguin Team members will be hanging out on multiple servers for a little while.

Here’s Megg’s post:

Get ready to have your Monday Mod-ified! (That worked out well)

This Mod Monday will have an animal theme! The twist is, you have to create an animal mash-up. For example, you could go as a Libear – half lion half bear :)

We’ll meet in the Forest at 1:30pm PST. Here are the servers:



What will your animal mash-up be? Leave us a comment below!

Oh! I almost forgot, next Mod Monday (July 21) will actually be a Mod Tuesday (July 22). Get ready for some Music Jam fun :D

Have fun!

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