Club Penguin Blog: Chattabox’s Puffle Park Adventure!

It is almost time for Chattabox’s next Club Penguin party! The theme this week is Puffles. Here is Chatta’s post:

G’Day Penguins!

Last week we were lost in a deep space pirate battle and BOY was it crazy – check out the picture of you guys exploring the Alien Ship-Wreck! CREEPY!


This week I’ve been spending a lot of time with my amazing puffles – Lil Aussie, DinosaurAUS, Hollie and Claire. So I thought it would be fun to hold a party in the Puffle Park so we can bring all of our furry little friends along. CUTE! Don’t worry if you don’t own a puffle – you can always just come along to play on the swings and slide… who doesn’t love the slide?! And don’t forget to wear your favourite ‘puffle-inspired’ outfit!
Why don’t you share your favourite puffle story in the comments below – I’d love to hear them!

Let’s meet in the Puffle Park on the Down Under server on Thursday 17th July. Here are the times:

  • 4:00 pm East Australian Standard Time
  • 6:00 pm New Zealand Standard Time
  • 11:00 pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 16th July for everyone over in the US and Canada
  • 7:00 am on Thursday 17th July for my pals in the UK.

Waddle on!

If you attend I hope you have a fantastic time! Also, is it just me or is there always someone saying “Oprah is coming here because we are awesome” in every picture Chattabox takes? :P

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