A New Mini Game Is Coming To This Month’s Future Party

As you may have already recently heard, this month’s party is a Future Party. If you didn’t know that yet then, well….surprise! =P Anyway, at this month’s party there will be a new mini game. This mini game will be available only at the party, so once the Future Party ends it will be gone for good. This is not the first time Club Penguin has had special games just for a party, either. Back at the Marvel Superhero Takeover or Star Wars Takeover for example there were special games that were exclusive to the party. Here are the two sketches of the game that Polo Field posted to the blog. From the images we can gather that it will take place in space and we have to destroy asteroids. I’m sure there will be a prize for playing the game, whether it be coins or special clothing items.



The Future Party begins later this month.

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