Megg Posts A Hint For Next Month’s Party

This is no April Fools Day joke! Yesterday on the Club Penguin Blog Megg made a post that hinted May’s party. I wish she kind of waited until towards the end of April to give us a sneak peek though, because April’s party hasn’t even begun!

The sneak peek she posted is concept art of items we will see in the May 2014 Penguin Style. Because it is concept artwork that is why the penguins are grey. Here it is:


I’m not too sure about the penguin on the left, but because the penguin on the right has some facial markings it makes me think it is Adventure Party related. What are your guesses?

The following page has been updated:

30 thoughts on “Megg Posts A Hint For Next Month’s Party

  1. You said “we haven’t even had APRIL’S PARTY yet!”, you just got a typo…… It’s May……….

    • I meant it as “I wish she waited to give us a sneak peek though, as we haven’t even experienced April’s party yet”. :)

      • sort of reminds me of the monsters university takeover and the star wars takeover. the starwars takeover trailer came out before the monsters university party even started

  2. Probably a Music Jam party, because Polo said that there will be a Music Jam in May in a Field Friday a few months ago.

      • Also Trainman, I was told by a friend from the CP Wiki that the parties may have an alliteration within its perspective month in 2014.

        *January = Prehistoric (But we could say it as Jurassic)
        *February = Fair
        *March = Muppets

        However, I thought this conspiracy was true and I thought of more alliterations within its perspective month.

        *April = Animal (Puffle; because there will be 2 new Animal Puffles releasing in April)
        *May = Movies (Hollywood consists of movies right? It MIGHT be Hollywood!)

        Nonetheless, I don’t know what party or subject might consist within its month in June but July…

        *July = Either card-(J)itsu or music (J)am

        What do you think Trainman?

  3. Train Actully Look at the blog And the Text it has I Made it out to be Itsa Party or Usa Party that’s what I made out

  4. the next issue for the may club penguin magazine issuse 30 its say beware… the villain issuse it mit be a misson for us

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