Club Penguin Blog: Your Top Questions Answered for April 2014

Several days ago on Club Penguin’s Blog Polo Field took the time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions the team has received this month. Below is just a small excerpt from the post. If you want to read the full thing then head on over to the official Club Penguin Blog.

Can I still get the Cat and Dog Puffle costumes?
Nope, unfortunately they were only available while Rockhopper was on the island. That’s why we call them “Rockhopper’s Rare Items”! ;)
Is Rockhopper still visiting?
Nope, he’s on a voyage at sea yet again. Hmm… I wonder what he’ll discover next…
Will Club Penguin release an Android app? If so, when?
We’re not sure if we’ll be expanding to Android at this point.
What’s the party going to be in May?
The Future Party. Can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you soon. :)
Are there going to be new games this year?
Yep — we’ll share more news right here on the blog as soon as we can!

Just my opinion: even if it takes a while, I’m sure Club Penguin will release an Android app. I’m sure they want maximum player engagement and if they don’t make the game available on Android then that is a lot of lost mobile players.

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