Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2014 Cheats (April Fools Day Joke)

Club Penguin was pretty quiet about there being a party aside from showing it off in The Spoiler Alert yesterday, but an April Fools Day Party has been released now that the Muppets World Tour is over! Many of the rooms are reused from the 2008 April Fools Day Party.

Check out the Ski Lodge, my favourite room at the party. All of the rooms are very wacky and no two are alike!


You can get the Red Propellor cap item at the Ski Village. I’m guessing Club Penguin will remove the party this Thursday when they update like normal.

Thanks to Matthew879 for the idea. Too bad there isn’t really a party. :(

26 thoughts on “Club Penguin April Fools Day Party 2014 Cheats (April Fools Day Joke)

    • Oh, come on!
      The show in the Muppets theater is TOTALLY ”thumbs down”. It SUCKS. They should’ve put a pirate party instead of this useless World Tour. And it’s ALREADY April 2nd, and they still haven’t cancelled that stupid Muppets party.
      Waddle off ” sorry i mean on ”!

  1. LOL! We all know that the Muppets Party technically ends this Thursday! And YES I knew that it was a April Fools joke and you didn’t get me this time either!

    You may have to consider thinking of another joke that’s better than this and your first my friend! :)

  2. Graser’s joke was better – He pretended to blow up his SMP server! This joke got me excited when I saw the title, but looking at the image….

  3. I was actually excited about this because I’ve never gone on a April fools day party and i was excited. This was just mean. :(

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