Club Penguin Blog: Violetta Joins This Year’s Music Jam In May! (April Fools Day Joke)

The rumours we all heard are apparently true. In a post published to Club Penguin’s Blog by Spike Hike today, he announced that the Music Jam would be in May and Violetta will be joining the party! Here is his blog post:

Hello everyone!

The team has been hard at work on many new projects lately. We’ve got more Puffles on the way, a giant update coming to the Club Penguin app, this month’s party, and a whole lot more. I can’t reveal too much yet on what the team has planned but next month we’re going to have a party like no other.


The month of May is going to be all about music. There are a lot of musical surprises coming in May and over the next few weeks Polo Field and Megg will be posting clues on the blog. Above is the first one…any hints on who we’ll be JAMing out to?

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Are you looking forward to Violetta coming to Club Penguin next month? If not, who would you rather replace her?

The following page has been updated:


81 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: Violetta Joins This Year’s Music Jam In May! (April Fools Day Joke)

  1. Haha Devin! Great one man. Anyways, for a second I thought it was real. You are such an amazing writer. I mean, you just wrote the way a professional author, for example Spike Hike or Polo Field would. Best April Fools post I’ve ever seen. And.. sorry everybody! Hope you got tricked and then went on to the comments. Happy April Fools Day, Dad!

  2. Music jam i would prefer in june or july but thats fine its in may but who the heck is violetta, did cp forget they have a really
    Big american audience


    As long as it’s no “Violetta Takeover” I’m fine with that. And as long as they don’t FEATURE them. Kinda like McKenzie and Brady, yes?

  4. Read the title, was like… Oh shhh…then remembered today, laughed, read the little April fools at the end and thought I’m too good for jokes. Great joke train :P

  5. If it was real, the arguments will be getting started. And my reaction?

    PREPARE FOR IMPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111!!1!!!11!1!!!!1111!!!111!111111111111111111111!!!!!oneoneoneone!!!!!shift!1!!!!11

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