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Daffodaily5 has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog letting us know what the UK team has been up to! Here is what she wrote – it’s inspiring!

Do you sometimes wonder what happens in the UK Club Penguin office in Brighton? As well as working super hard looking after Club Penguin, we also do other stuff to help make the world a better place! So I thought it would be a brill idea to share some of the cool things that the UK team’s been up to recently!

Love In A Box
Each year, when the festive season is approaching, the whole team goes on an outing to purchase lots of small gifts and supplies, which we then put in empty shoe boxes and send out to deprived children in Europe. This year’s event was a huge success as we filled and wrapped 53 boxes!! Everybody had such a brill time knowing we were donating to such a worthy cause. You can see my box below!


Donating Blood
5 brave members of the team did a very honourable deed last week and donated blood! I went too, even though I don’t like needles (I hope you’re proud of me)! It was totally worth it though, because as well as us potentially saving a person’s life, they gave us tea and BISCUITS afterwards! :D

Preparing for Christmas
Tree? CHECK! Decorations? CHECK! A giant fake snow machine??? I wish! ;)  To get us all in the seasonal sprit, the whole team gathered to decorate the office in twinkling lights, tinsel and other sparkly things! Not long till Christmas now, right?


That’s all for this month’s UK news, I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll do another update next month. :)

I look forward to reading next month’s update!

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13 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: News From The UK Team

  1. I was hoping there’d be a holiday party sneak peek on the computer screen… Also, CP updated twitter and youtube. ALSO, are you gonna do another giveaway each day this year? I hope so :P I always loved those, even though I like never won *wink wink* :P

    • Yes, the giveaway will be starting on December 12th or 13th and last until the 24th or 25th. And I meant to post about the Twitter/YouTube stuff yesterday but didn’t get to it until today. :)

  2. And I have been to the Brighton offices……. I met the two people in the photo and stood against the wall with Cadence on it. :D

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