The Penguin of the Day This Week – Rlact

Daffodaily5 posted a single Penguin of the Day on the blog this week. That penguin is Rlact. Here’s why Rlact was chosen:

Rlact always stands up for others and does everything he can to make his friends feel happy! He’s always making new friends and includes EVERYONE when he’s having fun online. Brill buddy right here! :-)


Minor error: the date has the wrong image, as it was posted on the blog November 21st, not November 15th. Thanks Luckyboy7777!

Congratulations Rlact!

The following page has been updated:

3 thoughts on “The Penguin of the Day This Week – Rlact

    • Yeah, but… she called it Penguin of the Day in her post about Rlact. And in the POTW announcement post she said this:

      “I’ll be working really hard to make POTW as awesome as possible, so from now on you may see fewer Penguin of the Day posts each week. I’ll keep you posted with updates when I’ve worked it all out… :)”

      -She implied she’ll still do POTD sometimes
      -She said she’ll give us updates which still has not been done

      so that’s why I said POTD in my post title instead of POTW :)

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