Club Penguin Gold Puffle Video

Club Penguin has added a new video featuring the Gold Puffle and other gold items to their homepage! The format of this one is similar to their recent video featuring Tundrafluff. Check it out:

It looks like everyone is going to love this Puffle. Are you looking forward to it or do you think it’s being overhyped?

Thanks The Bird!

18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Gold Puffle Video

  1. WOW i need to get a membership again to get that gold puffle as i have still the rainbow as from may 2013 (thanks to you) i think the disney store in the center is starting to give some CP items! i will nedd look to finally buy one

  2. 0:08 that dude has my hair! :D Train do you have that hair? It’s called the Tuned In. It was released in Febuary 2011 and it goes well with the Flame Hoodie. It appeared in the movie, Best Seat in the House. Some people call it JB hair >:-(


  4. I won’t be able to get a Gold Puffle, because I already have 20 Puffles. :( Maybe the Puffle Plans Spike talked for next year will include getting over 20 puffles… I hope so. :)

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