Disney Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Game On Commercial – Party Coming To iPad? (Update: Nope)

Disney Channel is now airing a new Game On commercial. This one features Hallie talking about the Halloween Party, which starts October 17th. There are many spoilers so read this post at your own risk! Unfortunately my first recording of the commercial is very glitchy. The audio gets weird, there’s missing footage, etc. (The full commercial is 1 minute and 45 seconds long but with all the glitchy video frames removed it’s only 1 minute and 20 seconds – so there’s more to see!) Anyway, I will have a glitch free version uploaded soon but in the meantime here is the mostly complete commercial. I’ll update this post with a normal video as soon as I get a good copy.

Where to begin! At this party, which is being run by Rookie, you’ll be able to participate in a candy scavenger hunt. Different candy transforms you into different creatures. This feature does require a paid membership. It is cursed candies that allow you to transform. Also note the special candy and pumpkin emotes being used in the background.



A vampire:


A zombie:


A werewolf:


A gooey monster:


Here are the party rooms shown in the video. There’s the school:


The Mine:


The Snow Forts:


The Cove…they’re playing it on an iPad! :O UPDATE: I have been told by Spike Hike that this is a mistake in the commercial, the party will not be on the iPad. You’ll have to log on to Club Penguin from the computer in order to access the party. As always you’ll still be able to access your igloo from the app though.


Just like at every party there will be a special catalogue. Everyone can get the Trick or Treat Bag, Spring Pumpkins, and Bat Wing Headband. Members will be able to get the Nine Lives, Cat Eyes, Kitty Costume, Swamp Monster Mask, Swamp Monster Costume, Swamp Monster Feet, Classic Vampire Costume, The Villain Do, Tomb King Hat, Creepy Doll Mask, The All Dolled Up, Creepy Doll Costume, a Tomb King Costume, and finally a Pumpkin Lid for their Puffle.



Also, if you have an iPad and are a member be sure to get the exclusive Halloween themed items that are available in My Penguin right now!


Thanks to Flopper138 for telling me about this!

57 thoughts on “Disney Club Penguin Halloween Party 2013 Game On Commercial – Party Coming To iPad? (Update: Nope)

  1. I think the beach in the room is actually the Mine Shack. The cave has the mine cart route, and the school is on the left.

  2. Look closely, to buy the items we have to collect candy as a currency! Also, the sky is more like the holiday party. What you thought was e beach looks more like the mine. also, look behind the picture of the puffle hat and there is a mountain of some sort.

  3. What you thought was the Beach is probably the Mine Shack. Or the Cove. And it’s very possible they’re just playing regular CP on their iPad. Pretty cool party.

  4. If you look at the Halloween Catalog, you’ll see there are only…THREE items for non-members, And the third one is exactly the same as MU party with different colors! >:(

  5. I think they may be trying to make it kind of like the fair since they didn’t have the fair this year. You have to collect candy (just like you collect tickets) and you can buy prizes with the candy (just like the fair).

  6. They have given a special igloo item which gives out candy from Oct 17 to Oct 31 and if you keep this item in the igloo,it seems your igloo will be added to the party list.So probably you click the special igloo item the screen in which its given ‘pick a candy’ appears. I prefer this than the Fair.If you only get one candy with no Repeatations per igloo, it is going to be very tough to earn the prizes! We will have to wait and watch to get to know the other awesome stuff Club Penguin has added to the party including playing Club Penguin on your iPad!

    Oh yeah,this is to people who have the craze to become rare– Just collect all items from every party that Club Penguin organises(If you are a member). If you are not a member just collect the non-member items from every party. So probably in a year,those items won’t be available anymore and you will have quite old items! For example,the last years ghost catcher costume and the goggles through which you could see ghosts are no longer available,thus making you having old items!!

    • Then 1) how do they have their playercard open 2) how do they have catalogue icons in the bottom right corner for the party and the game upgrades?

  7. If you look closely at the Snow Forts, the Stadium looks a lot like the Haunted House from last year. :D Btw I can’t wait for this party. It’s gonna be the best party of the year so far (Halloween always is, xD).

  8. I really like the non member’s items, but I wish there were more.. But I’m going to be a member for this party, since I’m getting a membership card for the new treasure book.. I’m kind of disappointed in this party, almost all of the party catalog items are old..

  9. Train!!!
    When I try to save my account on my computer it fails when I try over and over and OVER again!
    I have tried, Save me on this computer, save my password, Save my account, save my password OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! D:< HELP ME

    • Yeah. There could be items for “Transforming” into a zombie or something. I mean, at least if those are items you could keep them forever. Also look, the werewolf transformation is the same as the catalog one (Except that the wolf has no clothes)

      Sigh, the new CP staff (*cough* Spike Hike *cough) is lazy (*cough* keep posting useless things on twitter like “nooooo” “Team pancake noooo” *cough*) :(

  10. It turns out there is a storm! Just that the clouds are low. The mine shack picture shows stormy clouds in the background!

    • I’m talking about the great storm, not those small clouds.

      The great storm covers up all the ISLAND! (Except the Iceberg) All we see in mine shack is just small clouds.

      Seriously…I’ll miss it. Oh well new staff (*cough* lazy *cough*), new things.

  11. Spike Hike and staff members work hard. It just is hard to add the new stuff within a week. It takes a lot of effort just to do that stuff.

    • Maybe your right and I am a bit rude for the CP Team.

      But look, I don’t think that Billybob Staff was more awesome. An example? The Medieval Party 2012. The medieval party 2012 was the coolest thing ever. It included the Knight’s Quest and also a story mode. (So, I repeat it, this is a Billybob staff party) (Cool party)

      And 2013 medieval party didn’t have knight’s quest and no story mode. just silly potions. (And this party is Spike Hike staff) (Lazy Party)

      I know that is hard to spike hike to make everything every thursday, but, comparing to the old CP staff, WHY IS NEW CP STAFF LAZY?!

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