Ask Spike Hike Your Questions For An Interview!

Remember the other day I mentioned Spike Hike was interviewed by three Club Penguin Blogs? Let’s add Club Penguin Memories to that list! I am interviewing Spike Hike and would like you to submit questions for me to ask him. I can’t promise I’ll be asking him every question submitted, as I don’t want to spam him with lots and lots of questions. I’ll be asking him around 10 to 15 questions, but if he wants to answer every single question below then he can…which I know isn’t going to happen. :P

Anyway, you have from now until sometime Monday to comment with any questions you’d like to have me possibly ask Spike Hike. I’ll update this post when I give him the questions. You can always visit the link about to check out the other interviews and see what’s already been asked. You can also check out my interview from 2011 with Hamustar, a Club Penguin Team member who has been there since 2006.

Also, Fishmr is also interviewing Spike Hike. (lots of interviews lately, wow!) You can view his post about it here.

Happy commenting!

214 thoughts on “Ask Spike Hike Your Questions For An Interview!

  1. Hi Spike Hike, why you are only talking to Monchocho, Riyita + Trainman on Twitter ? There is à lot of people on Twitter over 13 !

  2. Here’s my question: Spike Hike, will the penguin band visit for the Holiday Party since they haven’t visited all year and it seems the only other party they could do a concert?

  3. Hello Spike Hike!

    I spoke about this issue earlier a few days ago, but if you haven’t see it: Me (Steve1395) and my friend, Jammer Dj are having connection issues on Club Penguin. After a few moments of gameplay, we get disconnected with an orange message popping up with the numbers ‘10004’ at the bottom right corner. Could you please look further in the issue? And how long will it approximately take on resolving it? Thank you!

    • Jammer DJ? I know him! He is my friend! :O Its Madbootdude from CP Wiki. Can you say hi to him and tell I am Historicalcp from the CP Wiki? Its that he quit and I would just like to see him again.

  4. what graphics pad are they using for the graphics and art?

    what will happen in november?

    when will CJ shadow be coming?

    whats herbert up to?

  5. 1) When is new Treasure Book going to be released for those who have some codes from toys and CP magazines?
    2) I think it would be cool, if we can visit Rockhopper Island sometime. Is Rockhopper Island going to be released as new room someday?
    3) Why this year is without The Fair party? Is The Fair party going to return next year?
    4) Is Card Jitsu Snow the last game for Ninjas?
    5) I think most players are missing old Club Penguin parties like Water Party, Western Party, Festival of Snow. Are they going to return sometime?
    6) When are you going to release new stamps for other games like Bean Counters, Hydro Hopper?
    7) What’s about new EPF missions? When they are going to be released?
    8) What’s about Beta Team games we have tested? Are they going to be released in Club Penguin game?
    Thats all I wanted to ask :)

  6. My question: Why did Club Penguin changed the penguin design, in the penguin times, catalogs, and mascot player cards? ( I think the old was MUCH better.)

  7. Spike Hike i remember that in 2013 there was going to be a chat translator feature. Like that you are in an English Server and write something in portugese And it turns automatically into English Words,

  8. Can you unblock me Spike Hike on Twitter? I do not know what I did wrong to recieve a block from you…. Please give me another chance. Do it for my Birthday? My twitter name is @Lenny_Thai

  9. Will the penguins ever change back to the old style like how they were in 2011 ( can you plz change the penguins back to how they were in 2011 ) ?

  10. This one is not for Spike Hike. But, how do how do you set one of these up? Because a lot of blogs have been doing it and I want to do one for my blog. If you help, I can give you credit.

  11. My questions are:
    1) Is it possible that the PSA styled missions will ever come back?
    2) When will the US get the Club Penguin Magazine?
    3) What ever happened to the Club Penguin Shorts like Puffle Trouble, Best Seat in the House, etc?
    4) Do you play Nintendo Games like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong? Do you also play the Sonic The Hedgehog games?
    5) Will we ever be able to go to some of the previous Club Penguin parties?
    6) Is it possible that we will see the beta team website brought back online again? If not, can we expect to see the games we tested in beta team to be brought to the actual game?

  12. Hey Spike Hike, do you think it’s good to stop Pookies and Drama penguins? (I do!)



      Oh yeah! And sorry for caps! I used it cause i HATE THEM!

  13. Spike Hike:When will you and the CP team make more animations? Will you soon possibly make some 3D animations in the future?

  14. Question: Do you plan on making more CP merchandise soon, as well as some new things like LEGO sets and Disney Infinity figures?

  15. Is there anyway in the future say if your name is p1647383739 you could be able to change it into something appropriate?

  16. A few party questions

    1) Any hints on the end of 2013 and 2014?
    2) Are takeovers kinda done? (The reason is because they can be kinda biased, since not everyone likes certain TV shows, while as parties like Music Jam can have somethin for everyone)

  17. Train,

    I was going through my friend list and suddenly I saw………………………….Daffodaily was there!! She accepted my request! I sent all the mods requests ages ago. This shows that Daffo’s list isn’t full!!

  18. 1) What is your favorite part about working for Club Penguin?
    2) What is your best memory of working for Club Penguin?
    3) Do you have a favorite Club Penguin staff member?
    4) Would you consider Club Penguin the biggest online game you have ever worked on?
    5) What are some things we can expect for 2014?
    6) Is the EPF Room finishing any time soon?

  19. 1. Will any of the leis return?
    2. Will any rare items return?
    3. Will the old treasure books ever return?
    4. What has been your favorite CP party so far?
    5. Can you confirm there will be a new puffle almost every year?

    • Super Mario Bro’s is not related to Disney or Pixar, so it won’t happen. Where did you even get that idea anyway? >.<

  20. Hey Spike Hike.
    If you’re reading this, I just wanted to know what happened to Igloo Contests and such? I really liked trying to win even if I didn’t. Also, will night ever come to clubpenguin? I guess not since it would be extremely hard to get it to work with time zones unless CP could recognize the time of the user? Thanks,

  21. Is CP going to be released in another languages? Russian would be cool, I know a lot of russian speaking people who plays CP, including me.
    I`ve waited Jet Pack Guy as a mascot for quite a long time, will I ever be able to add him and have his stamp? Maybe in 2014, or…
    BTW, will other significant penguins, like Dot or Rory, be mascots someday? I`d really love it if Rory would become mascot, cause he, JPG and Rookie are my favourite game characters!
    Card-Jitsu Shadow has been a rumour since 2011. When will the time come?
    Speaking about other rumours… Iceberg Tipping, Golden Puffle, Numbered Buoys, Rockhopper Island – will these mysteries be unrevealed?
    Penguin and Room Design Change. Was it THAT necessary? A lot of older people who played CP from 2005-2007 were really mad about that. As being one, I prefer the oldest desing from 2005-2007, ar at least the previous one, the new design totally [stinks]. Yes, the game improves, it`s modern, but the old design was nice and cozy, yet simple. Same goes for items.
    As for items themself, will old rare items ever return, or each party will give brand new items in the future?
    What goes for parties, will old good parties will return? Water Party, Summer Kickoff Party, Submarine Party or Western Party, Camp Penguin too – they were really cool, many penguins want them back! New parties are [stinky] in my opinion, especially Takeovers. Welp, that`s not just my opinion, Im 98,55% sure about that (Gary detected :D). Saraapril has gone nuts with these…
    Is there really a need of making every party with a mascot like it goes this year? Personally, I feel bad for all older penguins, including me, who have got stamps, backgrounds and added every single mascot when they came rarily and there were not mascot meetup times announced. This has gone totally unfair now.
    A lot of penguins say that past medieval party was fail. Was it? It really was, IMHO.
    What do you think, Spike? The party was not decorated well, there were no Ye Knight Quests, nothing new, just that [stinky] potion creating once a day. There were nothing for non members. Only 3 stupid looking wizzy items [“hooray” for new design].
    The only thing in CP that keeps me in game is collecting. I can say that I`ve grew with CP, and now, the only thing that is left interesting for me in-game is pin and stamp collecting (new items [stinks]). Pins are changing every 2 weeks, i`ve collected every single stamps except Game Day ones, so, I am waiting for new stamps to come out, but will they?
    Some of the games still have no stamps, so, it`s about time to update my stamp book. Cant you make any more activity and games stamps?
    EPF [stinks]. PSA was way better. Will Herbert destroy the EPF and then we will re-build PSA along with Sport Shop (old Sport Shop rebuild event rumour)? Missions were cool, you had to think while doing them. What EPF has? Dead Field Ops that reappeared as Spy Drills? Is anyone even doing them? Operation Blackout was rumoured long time ago before it was released and was quite promising, but it was made boring in-game [sheep]. Operation Hot Sauce was more like PSA missons, but not long at all and very simplified. At least that was similiar to old good missions.
    So, I`ve heard, November will have a new mission. Will it be like old PSA missons, like Blackout, or like in-game PSA Hot Sauce? If like Hot Sauce, please, make it longer, more complex. Kids have to move their mind while playing it!
    Can you give any hints of grandest events of 2014?
    Oh, and yes… BRING THE OLD CP BACK!!!

  22. Oh, and one mooore thing…
    Why are pins made huge?
    Why dont you make pins hidden small, like it was before?
    You really had to FIND them those days, but now, they are in size of a penguin.
    It’s Club Penguin, not Club Elefant after all!

  23. 1) Which parties are coming back next year? At least can you mention like 3 of them please? (Excluding year traditions which will never be cancelled such as Halloween, Anniversary and Holiday).
    2) What is Club Penguin for you?
    3) Can you give us at least a hint/clue/sneak peek of the January 2014 Party? Is it a new party or an old party?

  24. Why was Fall Fair cancelled this year? is it dead?
    I remember an old crab from 2010-2011 login screens and EPF after-field op messages. Who is he? Will he ever appear?

    • The crab is Klutzy, (Basically Herbert’s assistant, and if you don’t know who Herbert is, he hates Club Penguin and he’s a polar bear).

  25. Umm I have a few different questions, so I don’t assume you will pick all of them Trainman, or even any.. c: But here they are ;33

    1. Will CP ever make a TV series for Disney Channel?
    2. What is the process CP uses when designing/brainstorming new items, parties, etc..?
    3. I know a lot of Disney’s virtual worlds, like Pixie Hollow and Toon Town, closed down. CP is MUCH, MUCH bigger, so I don’t think it will close down any time soon, but can you confirm this at all?
    4. What is your specific role at CP?
    5. Is CP planning for any big expansions, such as new rooms or adventures?

    Thanks so much if you pick any one of my questions, Trainman! And if not I don’t mind, I’m just excited to see interview when you post it ;D

  26. Hey spike hike will there be any new mascots soon like jet pack guy or dot or rory or mabey even someone new ~Junior123457

  27. I like a lot of the new rooms (i loved the waterslides), but my favorite places are the empty snowy places.

    There’s lots of noise and people here, and i love them but it’s nice to just sit and listen to the waves and birds like i was on vacation someplace nice.
    Can you keep the edges of the island wild like that and full of snow?

    Oh and it would be nice if there was a way to turn on night in the igloos. Don’t know if you can do that though. Maybe a background like you did the city?
    Thank you

  28. Howdy spike! I have a question for you to answer. can you give me a hint on what’s coming up for November? Waddle On!

  29. Hi Spike Hike, its me, Holland93733!
    1) Will you give Trainman a job?
    2) Will the Penguin Band visit this year?
    3) Can you give us a hint of what to expect in November 2013 and January 2014
    4) Will Card Jitsu Shadow be released in 2014 or 2015?
    5) Is it true that there will be a Marvel Superhero Takeover: HEROES UNITE in 2014?
    6) Are you the penguin break dancing at the end of the Party in my Iggy music video?
    7) Will there be more EPF Missions?
    8) When will the EPF be fixed? Its taken nearly a year for the EPF to be finished, but 2 weeks for the Puffle Hotel!
    9) Can original Music Jams come back?
    10) Why did you choose the name ‘Spike Hike’?

  30. Why there are so few things for non-members? In the TBMSJ there were a lot of items what I liked, and the lei it’s one of my favourite neck items, but in some parties (Medieval Party, I’m looking for you) there was only one item for non-members

  31. 1. Can you give any hints about the “Huge Expansion” that comes with the November Party (Wilderness?)?
    2. Will the “Courtyard” that was leaked a few years back ever appear?

  32. dear spike hike, will the penguin band return in this year? thanks for your time of trying to answer and good day (feel like a sir)

  33. Spike hike,i disagree with one of the first questions asked,theres not a lot of people on twitter that is 13 or older (mature to use twitter and facebook) also you replaced the parents support club penguin page with the official game account,and for facebook privacy like putting your name adress etc,are you concerned about internet security? also theres a lot of people going to #fieldfridays and watching #waddleon,your keeping spamming minor age users with hastags,wich gives them a big desire to join twitter


    WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT? THE 96% of youtube,facebook and twitter club penguin comunity is not even 13!!!

  34. question #2 spike,also your replacing old party content with new party content i know you said this on the beggining of the third stage of club penguin,but every single player wants the old things back,the cookie shop,the medieval quests the old penguin designs,

    i also know cp team is focused on spanding the audience age (wich is higly relationed with my other question)

    from 5/8 years until 16,sinse you came your blammed on everything by the new party things,i dont blame you but,with all these facts

    do you think on bringing old stuff back? i dont want to be mean but honestly i kept playing cp all this year with all this not cool stuff and worst.takeovers only because i thought there would be a fair!

    also something:disney is the biggest media company its ovbious that cp is not broke and doesnt needs to make takeovers wich get really mad old players like me

    what do you think about that?

  35. Hey Spike Hike!

    You may or may not have seen me on Twitter before, my name is Waddle80457. (And yes, I am over the age of 13, so please give me a follow!) Since you are taking the time to read through comments on Train’s blog here, I figured I’d let my voice be heard about some of the issues plaguing this Club Penguin Community.

    First off, I would just like to say that I hope that there will be a treasure book for penguins who have saved coin codes for the longest time, in order to get some new (and possibly old) items. Although I am not necessarily keen on the idea of having a treasure book that I have to pay for to use, I do like some of the items I’ve seen in them. Do you think maybe you could incorporate some more electronics into these catalogs such as iPods, e-Reader devices, other cell phones like the one at the Hollywood party, a new laptop color, etc?

    Next, I’d like to talk about plans for next year. What do you plan on doing that will be “revolutionary” in a sense? Will you continue to re-design old rooms such as the Pool, Forest, Ski Lodge, etc? Also, what sort of party ideas do you have for next year, and how many “takeover” parties will there be? As I’m sure you’ve noticed, us older penguins became quite grouchy when over the summer we were constantly bombarded by several takeover parties.

    For my next topic of discussion, I would like to know where my extra $3 that I am paying a month for membership is going into the company. I still have strong opinions against the membership hike, so now that it’s been about 2 years since the price hike, I want to know how my money is helping the game and the company be better than it was when membership only cost me $5.

    I know that you have several other penguins’ comments to get to, so let me just say this:

    I have been a strong supporter of this game for 4 years, and I just want to say that I am not normally a picky person. However, I feel like this game has not been living up to my expectations in the past few months save the Summer Jam. I feel that if you want Club Penguin to be the great game that it was back when Billybob ran the show, I feel that you should continue to closely listen to our feedback and continue to be active in our Twitter community. I love what you are doing by having several Q&A sessions on different blogs, it’s making people want to blog again, because lately the drive to blog about Club Penguin has been down in my opinion as well as others. The morale isn’t where it was back during the golden years. I think that Club Penguin has a great foreseeable future, but I feel that as long as you are doing this Q&A I may as well get my two cents in, because I have a great passion for this game and the blogs incorporated with it. Thank you for your time, I have a lot more that I’d like to talk to you about, and I’d say that I am one of those penguins that is a voice for the community. So please, if you want to talk some more in the future, find me on Twitter, @Waddle80457!

    Thanks again for reading,
    -Waddle80457 :-)

  36. 1. Oh, I got some more questions. Will you add new rooms in the future? And new minigames also? If so, when will you and the CP Team release it? Also, can you give us like a clue/sneak peek/hint of the planned minigames and rooms you have?
    2. When will the island be designed for “The Journey”?
    3. I know of the CP Domain. I know that Club Penguin’s domain will expire in Sunday, June 12, 2022. Will you renew CP’s domain at that time? I would like the game to continue running and to show it to my kids.

  37. Do you think that there will be a feature of selling your CP items? Something like a bulletin board where you can sell things for coins. The price could depend on how old the item is.

  38. 1. Is there going to be a US club penguin magazine?
    2. When is the my penguin app that will work for iPod touch going to come out?
    3. How come cp is so awesome and addicting?! lol!

  39. Hello there Trainman1405 and Spike Hike!

    The other day, on your Twitter account, you mentioned a CP Store was in the making. If it will become true, will it be an online store and/or a real-life store? Also, will the stores be introduced to multiple countries such as the UK?

    I hope you get to answer my question.

    Until then…Waddle on,

  40. Hey Spike! I was wondering if you could maybe add a feature where penguins who are bann-free for a certain amount of days could get a free item! This encourages penguins to use appropriate language and not cheat!

  41. Would it someday be possible to throw out unwanted clothes?
    When I first was a member I got a little carried away buying stuff, and now it’s really hard to find things in my closet I want to wear among all the stuff I don’t like any more.

  42. 1. Chances are the version of My Penguin for Android arrive before the spring of 2014?
    2. We may, in the future, access the My Penguin and play Club Penguin and the computer?
    3. The “shadow” is coming?
    4. When we “arrive” in the Rockhopper Island?
    5. A new puffle are coming?
    6. And My Penguin for “little devices”?

  43. is club penguin ever gonna make a ipod my penguin app?
    are you and the Cp team ever gonna have a PIE PARTY in th near future

  44. Is there going to be a shadow ninja
    Describe your journey with club penguin
    When are you and PolonField going to become mascots and have unlimited buddies
    Are there any new mascots coming to the island like cece,rocky,brady,Mack/or If there are new mascots are they going to as mascots
    What do you think cp will be like in 50 yeas
    Is there a New Puffle Coming
    Are penguins ever going to arrive at rockhopper island
    When can we adopt more then twenty puffles
    Will there be nighttime in cp
    Will there be new animal/pets in cp?
    Are there any new rooms on there way too cp

  45. Another question. This might be my last question

    When you quit working on CP, who will you give the CEO Position of CP? Polo Field? Daffodaily5? An already retired moderator who decided to return (Like Billybob and/or Happy77)? Or Trainman? :P

    • Day = Normal Sky

      Evening = Fire Challenge after the fall fair 2009 sky

      Night = Halloween 06/07 Sky.

  46. Uhh, the franchise for the takeover usualy has more fans than CP itself so why use CP to promote it? The point of takeovers is get fans of the theme of the party to join CP and get a membership. So if it is promoting, its for CP not the movie.

  47. Hey spike. it’s @superlindalogan from twitter. and i appologise from saying what i mean. can you follow me and @red_birdangry to say that you forgive me? thanks. ~Cutila white linda

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