Fixing The Site

Hi everyone,

Right now I am in the process of fixing Club Penguin Memories. Why the different theme? Apparently the theme I was using was causing a lot of the downtime issues I’ve been having so until I can figure out how to fix it or find a new theme I am happy with I’ve got a temporary one set. I apologise for any inconvenience. I’ll keep you all posted.

15 thoughts on “Fixing The Site

  1. Hey Trainman!
    Feed a puffle its favorite food and then quickly after you do that, release it. Then the sound effects that happen when a puffle gets 100% stats will loop over and over again until you log out!

    I’ve only tried this with a red puffle so I’m not really sure if it works with other puffles.

    • You join and when you make a comment you put the email address you used to join Gravatar in the email box. It’ll then automatically appear with your comment as long as you did it correctly. :)

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