Exclusive Teen Beach Summer Jam Information and Videos


Jackpot! I discovered some currently unannounced Teen Beach Movie information and videos on Club Penguin’s website. If you’re interested, keep on reading.

First of all, here is all of the party information:

Join the ultimate Summer Jam with Club Penguin and Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie for plenty of fun in the sun inspired by the movie!

Everyone can:

  • Collect cool beach item
  • Surf epic waves
  • Rock out with friends

Members can:

  • Go backstage at Big Momma’s with a chance to meet movie-inspired characters McKenzie and Brady
  • Dress up in Teen Beach Movie costumes
  • Collect cool beach items
  • Surf epic waves
  • Ride a motorbike
  • Rock out with friends
  • Deck out your igloo in beach styles

Character biographies:

Brady is a happy-go-lucky surfer dude who’s always dreamed of being in “Wet Side Story.” He’s totally pumped about performing at Big Momma’s in Club Penguin.

Smart and confident McKenzie loves surfing and hanging out with Brady. She’s excited about meeting Club Penguin members at Big Momma’s Backstage.

Here are the videos.

73 thoughts on “Exclusive Teen Beach Summer Jam Information and Videos

  1. Great looks good! I thought it would be a spoof! and where do you find all these sneak peaks!

    Waddle on,
    Bramble XX

  2. I’ve looked all over the Club Penguin web sight, and havn’t found any of these videos! Where did you find them?

      • honestly, im sick to death of takeovers. cp says they didn’t want to have any ads. and of course, disney deosn’t give a flipper. its not a summer jam. its another boring, im-so-special, takeover. these takeovers are a creative idea, but they should be like, twice a year, and penguins should vote on what they should be. but right now the takeovers are just disney promoting their honest-to-klutsy STUPID movies. D:<

      • Please, this is a takeover. Just because they didn’t put the word “takeover” in the name of the party, doesn’t mean it’s not a takeover. It’s still just an advertisement for TBM.

    • Without membership, there would be no Club Penguin, they give members more as the members provide money for CP which allows it to run.

      • yeah, but CP was BETTER back when members paid less, and weren’t so “special,” CP was doing just FINE. they had more than enough money. but because Disney started to take more of an interest, they decided they should make even more money. as a result, billybob left CP. so now we have these really annoying takeovers, instead of the OLD-FASHIONED (which is sometimes better.) creative, FUN, parties.

        • No, they did not decide they should make even more money. Club Penguin launched with minimal features in 2005. By minimal I mean next to nothing. Over the years they added much more content and decided it would be worthwhile as a result if they raised the price by a few dollars. I think it’s fair. That’s not why Billybob left Club Penguin. He left because he wanted to work on other projects. It’s kind of like how you play Club Penguin but as you get older you lose interest in it or want to spend more time doing something else.

      • great. club DISNEY is doing another stupid takeover to advertise one of their dumb movies that no-one will give a flipper about a few months after its release. they aren’t putting takeover in the party title, because they know some people really hate takeovers. im almost gonna give this party a chance because they say it’ll have music jam-ish stuff. but what’ll probably happen is that im just gonna sit in my igloo, waiting for this party to end so that MAYBE one of the old parties can be done. (newer IS NOT always better.)

        • So you are raging at the party and calling it names and pretty much saying you hate it but you are going to give it a try? During the party, please do have fun in your igloo.

  3. It looks pretty cool! I think Club Penguin did a great job calling it a ”Summer Jam” instead of a takeover, any party with the word ”takeover” in it just makes everyone blow up in a fight. So far, no one has gotten REALLY mad with this Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, let’s just hope no one get’s mad. Somehow, for some odd reason, I like parties without the word ”takeover” in it. It’s a good thing they called it the summer jam. The only takeover party I didn’t like that much was Monster’s University, there was just too many free items that I never weared. :P

  4. What about the Penguin Band?! Cmon CP! PB are the mascots with the LEAST appearances! I couldn’t meet them during Ultimate Jam Construction since my computer was not working well and I couldn’t meet them during the Ultimate Jam because they made MINOR appearances thanks to Rocky and CeCe!

    Now I was waiting for a year to meet them…and I see them not being invited much to the party?! And some non-CP Characters take its place on the party? Better hope there NOT be another Music Jam Advertisement Party

  5. I have a feeling that the music in the first video will be the new song polofield was on about for this month and by the sound of it it sounds cool

  6. If you still have the old Spy Phone, and click the “Go There” button, it takes you to the old Phoning Facility.

    • No, Rockhopper wont come because if you have seen the Beach sneak peek, you will notice the Migrator is not over there and the Bikers’ Base takes its place.

      While of the PB, I doubt of that since they made few minor appearances during the Ultimate Jam and they waddled during Construction the most because of Rocky and CeCe

    • penguin band wasn’t confirmed and Rockhopper wasn’t either. Only Cadence, Mack & Brady but I hope PB & RH come :)

  7. Not sure if it was just INSPIRED or it’s entirely TBM. If it’s entirely TBM then why isn’t it a takeover? Why bother transforming the island into a TBM beach when it’s only inspired?!?

  8. It says a chance to meet them backstage in the members-only area, which means, you probably can’t meet them unless you’re a member. If they are like most mascots, they will go into all rooms in the main-party area of CP. If the backstage is at Big Momma’s, they will possible go into the main room in there. It is sad, though, if non-members can’t meet them.

  9. when the party about to start or before all of them and you knw WHOS they say one one one11111111 im like what the sandwhch and also they like omg omg im still like omg whats wrong whith you? hes just a person penguin and hes going to be deleted anyway im just laughing behind there back no offenses but its true and besides someon they said during the mu party they were dancing wering the purple hairdo black sweater super hero party and say jb is a bug sooner later somebody might do that yes i know this is long but i cant help it lol

  10. I am so excited because i am going to be unbanned next tuesday afternoon but i am still banned forever i have to call cp first

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