July 18, 2013 Train Thursday (Now Over)

It’s time for my third Train Tuesday! (except this week it’s on Thursday but will return to Tuesday next week) Today’s Train Thursday is taking place right now on the server Powder Ball. We’re meeting up at the Ski Lodge. We’ll play games and I’ll also be visiting as many igloos as I can as well as postcarding those who ask – make sure your mail is not full!

UPDATE: Train Thursday is now over! Here’s some pictures:

I hope to see you there! I’ll update this post with pictures of the meetup once it ends. It’ll last about thirty to fourty minutes. I will also update the tracker below with my location.

13 thoughts on “July 18, 2013 Train Thursday (Now Over)

  1. trainman im hosting a flash mob harlem shake at 5 pm penguin standard time server big surf if full back up server bobsled if anyone joins make sure your there on time the room will be the plaza hope you all can make it

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