Club Penguin Blog Reviewed By You – Summer Activities

Today a new reviewed by you was posted to Club Penguin’s Blog.┬áLast week was all about stamps, in which we were asked how many we have earned so far and which was the hardest. Here’s what Pantherxx12 said:

STAMPS ARE AWESOME!! Since they arrived in July 2010, I have earned 191! I met every mascot, and I got most of the game stamps. I of course am still working to earn more and more stamps, which makes it so awesome!!! :) So far, the hardest stamp I have earned was to throw a party with 30 penguins in my igloo. It took a lot of advertising, and even some bribing. LOL! It was so hard to get that stamp that it took me about 2 hours to get it done! But the fun party made it worth it!! Nachos anyone?

Yes, I’d love some nachos! :P


In many countries it’s nearly summer, so the question for this week’s reviewed by you is “What is your favourite summer activity and why?”

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  1. Hello, what good is summer there in the U.S.! Here in Brazil this coming winter, but open sun all day, wanted it snowed here … It would be great if I were rich and could meet my favorite country, and go to Disneyland!

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