A Few Quick Updates

Hi everyone, here’s just a few quick website updates.

  1. I recently did some advertisement tweaking – I made them kid friendly long ago but there was a few that I felt were pushing the limit so I blocked those. If you ever see any questionable advertisements on Club Penguin Memories let me know!
  2. Train Tuesday starts next Tuesday!
  3. On This Day In Club Penguin History will be returning soon
  4. Weekly Post Roundups will be returning soon
  5. I’ve got lots of pages to update with newly discovered old pictures
  6. If I haven’t approved your comment on the site yet it’s because I’ve got 184 (as of right now) to read, approve, and reply to as needed
  7. My Club Penguin Bugs website will be back up and active again soon
  8. If I haven’t replied to a tweet or email you sent me yet I’m sorry! I’m trying to catch up on everything asap
  9. Finally, if you have any pictures or videos from my party on Club Penguin the other day feel free to send me it such as the comments, Twitter, or email (cp.memories@yahoo.com) I’ll be posting it all soon!

That’s all for now! Thanks for hanging in there everyone!

31 thoughts on “A Few Quick Updates

  1. are you and graser enemy’s, because u had fights on twitter or was that a joke, if you are fighting thats sad i like both of you (not in that way) D:

  2. Trainman can you help me with organizing a party and can you please come so people come to my party. So these are the details 3.00 pm pst server: vanilla room:town. My penguin name is Coolguy5503.Please come traiman.Thanks

  3. Thanks for letting us know

    P.s you are awsome train and for train Tuesday can you please try to come to my igloo.
    Waddle on
    – sms8

    • 1. I will probably (only 1-2 hours in advance)
      2. That’s when I wake up so eh. It’ll be different times each week

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