Polo Field Teases June Party – Monsters University?

Yesterday Spike Hike made a post announcing three new parties spanned across June, July, and August. He didn’t say what, but left an image with three question marks. Today Polo Field made a follow up post revealing the first image. Check it out.


Many penguins have speculated June’s party to be relating to Disney Pixar’s new upcoming movie ‘Monsters University’. Check out this desktop wallpaper:


Focus in a little:

109-monsters-university-animation-movie-hd-wallpaper-800x600 - Copy

Now focus in on the flag behind held. Notice how they’re rather similar. There’s wood, two flaps around the wood, a blue line, and then white.

109-monsters-university-animation-movie-hd-wallpaper-800x600 - Copy - Copy

What do you think? Is it indeed Monsters University or something else? It could be why there is a school coming soon to Club Penguin

Monsters University is out in theaters June 21st.

Thanks MtOrange!

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56 thoughts on “Polo Field Teases June Party – Monsters University?

  1. Wow so excited!i think will be good,no like others that think that will be bad that CP have a party of the movie,want to see it.Looks exactly as a case that Disney hide thinks of movies in other movies you know?Now hide thinks at CP in a pic LOL :D sorry my bad english,i dont speak it very well xD but im learning it…

  2. dude they’re obviously working with me to make my virtual world ;D jk but you really didn’t know that? I’ve been knowin for a month xD and yes I do visit the CP HQ >:)

  3. i knew it spike hike hinted at it but whats with all the ad parties i mean come on already go back to the old cp parties no music jam and medivieal party im mad

  4. If you notice in the newspaper….”furniture so good….it’s scary” notice the word scary which could be hinting to monsters university!

  5. Ugh! I don’t like this party, sorry if you want this party to happen, but I don’t really like it. Club Penguin shouldn’t even have a party about monsters because they don’t exist. I don’t want Club Penguin to make these ad parties anymore because they don’t really make sense when there’s a crossover with monsters and penguins- lol. (Btw, I first thought the Monsters University Party was the girl monster episode thing- with the werewolf girl and vampire girl and frankensein girl and so on :p)

    • i would like to point out penguins talking, useing jetpacks, useing a map to teleport magically to anywhere really, being a spy, racing, being a tour guide, being a ninja, and many more don’t exist :P

  6. I am disapointed in this because club penguin is not trying hard enough to make original parties. The only party that I would allow that is an ad based party would be star wars because everyone must like that

    • I don’t take it seriously in spite of myself. Clubpenguin just want to make their party just look
      like Moshi Monster. I hate when CP turning into a “Penguin World” that full with monster during the party. That’s why I don’t buy any membership because it will waste my parent’s money

  7. Clubpenguin used to make their own party before Rsnail leaved CP and now when Spike Hike , Polo Field the only mods left , they start to make those useless parties like Hollywood party and upcoming parties like Monster University. You know Im 14, I should play CP until my age is 17 just like trainman did but my doubt was gone . I think CP WILL GET WORSE and all of those Idea they are making for is wicked

  8. Train, I was buying power cards, then a weird fire card appeared: /Users/lance/Desktop/Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 1.51.55 PM.png


    *Dances horribly*

    *Entire room facepalms* You get the point, I’m excited for the party.


    *Dances horribly*

    *Entire room facepalms* You get the point, I’m excited for the party.

  11. I honestly think Club Penguin is becoming too commercial. It was way better back in 2006. Well this is just my opinion anyway.

  12. hi train
    if you look in the upcoming events in the cp times
    396 it will say : june 13
    this month’s furinture is so good… its scary!

  13. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LUV MONSTER UNIVERSITY oh btw spacegladiator4 penguins wearing clothes dont exist too on in cp ;)

  14. a while ago I think 1 of the rules were no advertising and there working there and they advertise to much.I want the parties back where they lasted randomly and not 2 weeks.I want water party

  15. Yeah i knew tht they were making a party of tht because i have seen commercials and its disney :P

  16. I love Monster inc, and maybe I will love Monster university too, but I DON’T like this idea. Where are the original Club Penguin parties? Where is the April fools party, where is the Music jam, where is the Medieval party? Until May of 2012 CP was awesome. In June
    they started this ad mania, and it’s still not over. Oh and the new penguin design is ugly and really crappy. We want to get back the old penguins. Please CP. :(

  17. Well…now that we are going towards the route of having parties based on franchises…it would only seem logical to have a Disney’s DUCKTALES Party!.

    Come on now, who wants to dress up as Scrooge McDuck and act like they are the big cheese of Club Penguin, you know want to.

  18. Blarg! Horrid, isn’t it? Anyway, this may be a fail, be here goes:


  19. What a stupid thing to do. Making a party of some stupid Disney Pixar film thingy. Pshh. Lame thing you’re doing Club penguin, simply lame!

  20. Club penguin is like a candal of a advertising place start with june 2012 the candal starts. Oh nvm think of it as a bomb its starts june 2012 currently we are 1 quater of it. once cp gets like a clickable ad like you have here BOOM it explodes as a “Adera” Ad area. The more ads the less people come Club Penguin said they promised to not be a 3rd party area “a no ad place” so they should keep that promise so parents will think its safe also not get viruses or into scams. Overall what i said club penguin should not be a ad area. (sorry the comment is so long) i wanted to be the longest comment here :D. (guess whats my name too train) and here’s ur video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHkKJfcBXcw

  21. Youre inteligent if you notice the flag of the little pic only with see the full picture number 1,if you dont like this idea just dont comment like cppsdude and get out,as him said him dont like nothing before polo and spike,if you will never a membership and CP is worse for you get out of the blog and CP,we like it.HATER.

  22. in the magazine (penguin times) where it says in the upcoming things,it says, “JUNE 13 This months furniture is so good…its scary!” Give me credit!

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